A week car insurance for 18 year old

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Steph_1 03 Aug 2009


I need temporary car insurance for a week on my parents' car. I'm 18 and the insurance company that we have on said they won't do it - you have to be 24. Does anyone know any other way I can do this?



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sammyn1ne 18 Oct 2019

Insure 18 year old daughter to drive car for 2 weeks

I want to insure my 18 year old daughter to drive my car for 2 weeks but my insurance company won't do it. Is there an insurance company that will? Can you name an insurance company?

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gices 18 Oct 2019

You need to tell me whether your daughter has already passed her driving test or not, that is, whether she holds a full UK driving licence yet. As strange as this may sound, if she hasn't got her full driving licence yet, you may be able to get short term insurance as a learner for her but in the event that she has, 2 weeks insurance cover is not available for her because of her age. If you're under 21 short term car insurance is not for you and you will need to look for an annual policy (add her onto your policy or purchase a policy of her own for her).

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DeniseSinger 18 Oct 2019

Temporary cover for 18 year old son to drive for one day

I am trying to get temporary insurance for my 18yr old son to drive my car for one day, just so that he can do some of the driving to get him to university this weekend. My own insurer is not able to help, can you? With thanks Denise

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gices 18 Oct 2019

At the moment, nobody will insure someone who is under 21 for 1 day. The minimum cover that you can get for your son is for 1 month.

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Sarah_1 18 Oct 2019

Eighteen year old weekend insurance


I need to go on my aunty's car insurance over the weekend. I'm 18 and most insurers are saying they will only insure 21 years and over on short term insurance. I've been on the insurance before, could you please advise of any insurer who will insure an 18 year old?


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gices 18 Oct 2019

If you already have car insurance in your own name, then you are most certainly allowed to drive your aunty's car with her permission. You need to look for the words "can drive another car with the owner’s permission" on your policy. This should give you third party cover which will allow you to drive her car over the weekend.

If you've never been registered for car insurance or if you cannot find the words stated above, that's when things become difficult. Since you're 18 and all short term policies require that you are 21 or over, you will not be able to get temporary cover.

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gices 08 Sep 2009

At the moment, you cannot get car insurance for short duration if you're only 18 years old. Actually for drivers under 21, insurers are not providing any car insurance cover if it's on a temporary basis. You cannot get a week's insurance cover but you can get a minimum of a month car insurance policy though.