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Temporary Car Insurance

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Over the last few years, temporary car insurance has become extremely popular because drivers have recognised that they now are more at risk on the roads with the ever increasing number of vehicles and careless drivers, so driving without appropriate cover is a big NO-NO. Consequently the number of companies offering this type of insurance cover has increased and this has made getting cheaper quotes easier than ever.

With a larger pool of insurers providing car insurance for temporary needs, the competition has really increased and all companies are fighting to attract new customers. This means that the short term car insurance quote that each company provides is likely to be very competitive so that they are able to lure customers into purchasing from them, otherwise they will be losing their potential clients to their rivals. And that's not something which businesses like to do! Therefore, cheap temporary car insurance can be obtained if you shop around properly.

Benefits of a policy which runs on a temporary basis

There are times when longer car insurance policies (annual contracts) do not make much sense like when you need a one day car insurance cover to drive your aunt's car over the weekend. Such situations arise more often than you can probably think and a short car insurance contract is more suited then. Other circumstances where temp cover is great are when you go to test drive a car, borrowing somebody else's car to help you move out or any situation where you need to drive a car on which you are not currently insured.

Restrictions of the short term car insurance policy

Unfortunately, not everyone qualifies for the 1-28 days car insurance scheme. If you are under 21, temporary car insurance is not for you yet because there are no companies at the moment which are willing to insure young drivers falling into your age group.

You will also need to have held your full driving licence for at least a year. This is rather unfair and discriminating against younger drivers. First these young drivers face higher premiums when they set out to insure their cars and now they are being deprived of temporary insurance cover because of their age!

It leaves us to think about the flaws in this rigid and unfocused motoring & insurance law system here in the UK, doesn't it? As a matter of fact, it encourages young people, who are not over 21 yet, to drive without car insurance.

List of companies offering temp cover

  • Tempcover Ltd
  • eCar Short Term Insurance
  • Aviva
  • InsureDaily

Don't run the risk of being stopped by the police for not having an adequate level of insurance cover whilst driving but try to get some quotes in first. You might be surprised to see the quotes are quite affordable.

If not, ask yourself what you're putting at stake for not buying the policy and whether it justifies the costs. You may not be worried about incurring points on your licence but there's a fine to pay and if you have an accident that was your fault, you could be liable for all the damages done and end up spending a lot more than what the temporary car insurance was going to cost you. Therefore think well!

gices Published 05 Aug 2009
I'm a Software Developer and the co-founder of Clever Dodo. Born in Mauritius and now living in the UK, I usually blog about fitness, music, spirituality and driving topics to pass on my knowledge.


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NZtrucker 14 Oct 2019

Temporary insurance for New Zealand and UK licence holder to use friend's car

I have the use of a friend's car in the UK for 1 month and need to find temporary car insurance. I hold a valid full UK licence and a valid full New Zealand licence.

[Migrated from previous topic 11794 dated 09 Jan 2011]

LindaBriers 06 Oct 2019

10 day car insurance

Daughter's insurance ran out end of august. Off to Afganistan end of sept. Need insurance for 10 days, can you help?

[Migrated from previous topic 10680 dated 15 Sep 2009]

gices 06 Oct 2019


I'm a bit confused, so can you clarify on those bits please? Are you looking for insurance for your daughter or yourself? If it's for your daughter, then how old is she? And you're looking for insurance cover to drive in the UK right (not in afganistan)?

[Migrated from previous post 570 dated 30 Sep 2009]

Vera_Mitzkova 05 Oct 2019

How can I get a 1 or 3 months car insurance with irish registration???

Few months ago I brought my car from the Republic of Ireland with me and am trying to register it here. The problem is that my irish insurance has expired. I can't find an insurance company that will sell me a short term insurance with the irish registration. I need a short one

  1. to be able to drive the car for a MOT and change the registration.
  2. I'm going to sell it afterwards because I'm leaving the country.
    That is why I don't need a 1 month insurance. I can't use it after I sell the car and leave the country.
    It would be wondetful if you could give me an advice.
    Thank you.
    Vera Mitzkova

[Migrated from previous topic 12453 dated 29 May 2012]

gices 05 Oct 2019

Hi Vera,

There was a problem with the website and I didn't see your question until now - my apologies for this. Are you still facing the same problem or did you manage to sort it out?


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Millifer 05 Oct 2019

Can you get temp car insurance for a UK licence holder currently living abroad?

Hello, my 45 yr old brother currently lives in Germany but has a full & clean UK driving licence which he has had for over 20 years. He is coming over to see me for a short trip (often drives, flying this time) & I would like to put him on my car insurance for a few days. My insurer (via web application) just says no as he isn't a UK resident. Seems unfair, as someone could move here with no UK driving experience & get cover! I'd appreciate any ideas about how I could get cover for him. Thanks.

[Migrated from previous topic 12455 dated 17 Jun 2012]

gices 05 Oct 2019

Have you looked into short term car insurance policies? You might be better off with such a policy as it would be separate from yours, meaning that you won't lose your NCB if your brother were to make a claim.

There are loads of companies which offer temporary insurance nowadays like TempCover, InsureDaily etc. Try to get a quote from them first and if you're unsuccessful, let me know what the response was so that I can better guide you.

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anonymous_2 09 Jul 2012

I'm 18 and I have currently lost my job, I have a small amount of money in savings and I own my car, but because I'm under the age of 21 nobody will do a 'short term' insurance quote for me. I have been driving for nearly a year and the only accident I have had was when an older driver reversed and crashed into me. I agree with what some people say about young drivers being a danger to other drivers by 'showing off' or acting like a fool behind the wheel but the majority of younger drivers need their motors to get either to work or use it for recreational means such as taking your partner to the beach on a nice day or going to wales with my mates, but I can't do that now because the insurance companies wont touch me. I think the insurance companies need to wake up and realise who the dangerous drivers are and punish them not the honest and half-decent drivers who actually need to have a vehicle.

Will 21 Oct 2010

I'm currently 20, 21 in 27 days. I'm purchasing a new vehicle and need to drive it home. Can I get insurance? NO! argghhh!

Sarah_4 08 Aug 2010

Not just against young drivers! I am 30 and have only passed my test in Feb and I also cannot get temp cover.

Ranjit 29 Jul 2010

Yes mike, very true what you said.

MikeWilson 01 Jul 2010

Total discrimination against young drivers. It only encourages people to drive uninsured.