Can I be the main driver on two car insurance policies?

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I have a Nissan Primera and have just bought a Toyota Prius. I am already the main driver on the Nissan and want to be the policy holder on the Toyota as well. Can I be the policy holder on the 2 car insurance policies or do I have to let my wife be one on the second car?

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gices Level 6

You can be the main driver on the 2 cars if you want to.

Actually you can be the main driver and policy holder of as many cars as you want. However if you have no claims bonus, the discount can only be applied to just one car. Therefore for the second car, it will be treated as if you have zero no claims bonus as you will have used it all on the first car.

multi-car policy is cheaper than 2 separate insurance policies

Most insurance companies will give you discounts on the second car if you insure both cars with them though. The best thing to do is use your no claims bonus on the car which is more expensive to insure to bring down the cost of the premiums.

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anonymous_2 Level 1

My son has just passed his driving test and bought himself a cheap car. However the insurance premiums are ridiculously expensive, he's been quoted £4200 on a Vauxhall Corsa!!!

We noticed that if I was to be the main driver on his car, his premiums would be significantly lower. As I already have my own policy for the car I use on a day to day basis, am I allowed to be a main driver on a 2nd policy?

gices Level 6

There's a reason why the premiums go down when you add yourself as the main driver - you have more driving experience and more no claims bonus (NCB) which are factors that insurance providers use to determine how much your insurance would cost.

You could be the main driver on both cars but what you just described is called fronting in the car industry lingo and that's something that would subsequently invalidate your policy as all insurers know about this trick and they won't take it lightly.

Of course there are legitimate reasons for needing to be the policyholder aka main driver on 2 separate car insurance policies such as:

  • having one type of vehicle (could be an estate car to carry your tools) for work purposes and another one (more elegant) for leisure/personal use
  • using a diesel car for higher mileage journeys and an electric one for city trips
  • partner can no longer driver his/her car, but you don't want to sell the vehicle

There are lots of other valid reason but your one is unfortunately not valid.

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