Insurer opening up 2 claims for a named driver crash on one car due to having 2 car insurance policies

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Kellytrisha 13 Nov 2019

My husband is a named driver on my fully comprehensive insurance policy which I have protected NCD up to 2 in 3 years. He crashed my car into another car, he was at fault. He also has his own car and insurance policy with the same company. The insurance company are saying this is 2 claims one for my car on my insurance and one on husbands policy for the car he crashed into. Is this correct? I thought as he was driving my car my insurance policy should cover the claim?

Also they are saying my NCD won't be affected, but husbands NCD and policy renewal will. This doesn't sound right to me. As a named driver shouldn't it be my policy that's applicable and he should have fully comp cover. Why would his policy be brought into this? Appreciate any advice.

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gices 14 Nov 2019

There's something that's called "contribution clauses" and I think that's what you're being called into.

Basically this usually happens when you have 2 insurance policies in place to cover the same thing, it's more often the case when you are insured with two different companies. However in your case, I think they are referring to that section of your policy. In the insurance industry, it is called doubling up your car insurance.

When cover is provided by multiple insurance policies and a claim is made, then each respective insurer is called to share the costs. No one really wants to give away their money, so they will put arguments forward for them to make the least amount possible.

For your current circumstances, your insurer wants your policy to cover the cost of repairs to your vehicle and your husband's one to go towards the payout of the damages caused. Although not to your own benefit but it makes sense what they are saying.

As you have protected no claims, your NCB is not currently affected but if you didn't, you would lose some (or all) of yours depending how much you had to start off with. That does not mean your insurance won't go up next year, it most likely will because the claim will be recorded against you. Insurance quote are calculated based on all sorts of information including fault/non-fault claims and then the NCD is applied. So even with the same set of NCD, your premiums may go up. Just something for you to keep in mind.

Your husband will take the strongest hit though as his no claims bonus will go down and since it's going to be a fault claim against him, he'll see his car insurance quote soar.

Maybe not what you really wanted to hear but I've tried to be as honest as I could. Do check your policy document and pay attention to the contribution clauses listed there.

Hope that helps.