Will I lose no claims bonus if I become a named driver

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I have accumulated over 9 years no claims bonus. I am now wanting to share a car insurance policy with someone who has over 10 years no claims bonus.

With one of us having to become the named driver and not the policy holder, will that person's no claims bonus be lost?

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You will but there's a trick to preserve your no claims...

As a named driver, you may be entitled to your own set of NCB but it won't be transferable to another insurer, so they essentially lock you down.

You have a period of 2 years where your NCB will remain valid. You may stop driving altogether and have no insurance at all or like you're doing, become a named driver. What you need to do is switch from being a named driver to being the policyholder just before those 2 years end, your partner will preserve his the same way you will. One year, you could be the main driver, the following year a named driver.

This is the safest way to retain your no claims.

I should mention that NCB is also transferable in between spouse but the rules regarding this vary from one insurer to the other. Maybe something for you to consider as well.

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