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Can I transfer my no claims bonus to my husband who is a named driver on my policy?

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Tonya 06 Jul 2010

I am a main driver and policy holder and my husband is a named driver. I have 6 years no claims bonus, can my husband become the main driver of this car and take on my no claims bonus if I want to buy a new car. I am aware that I would have to start over again.


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gices 06 Jul 2010

Updated Oct 2019

Some insurers will allow you to do that and others won't. You'd have to call them up to find out.

Please note, the spouse who received the transferred NCB may not get the same level of discount that the person who built up the no claims history would get.

Previous answer, still applicable for some insurers

No, you cannot transfer your no claims bonus (NCB) to your husband.

You can transfer the NCB from one insurer to another or from one car to another but it cannot be transferred to another person I'm afraid.

When you buy the new car, you have the option to carry forward your no claims to it or you can start with zero no claims on this one and leave all your no claims on the old car. NCB can be applied to one car at a time.

You can also become a named driver on the old car and have your husband as the main driver. It is worth contacting your existing insurer to see if they will give your husband a certain no claims discount if he stays with the company but become the policyholder (provided he hasn't had any fault accidents as the named driver). Many insurers have started rewarding named drivers with no claims discount if they have been claim-free.

anonymous_2 23 Sep 2013

I have become a named driver on my husband's insurance as we have gone down to one car. Will I use the ten years' no claims I currently have as I am no longer a policy holder?

DukieMogDog 01 Jan 2011

I have just transfered my no NCD to my wife as she is the main driver on my policy. So even though the policy is mine, she will earn the no claims discount. She already has her own NCD which she uses on her own policy for another car which will remain uneffected.

anonymous_2 23 Sep 2013

We have one car between us my wife wants to buy her own car she is named as spouse on policy in my insurance. She wants to take out her own policy will that affect her ncd? She has been driving for 25 years with no claims.