How does no claims bonus work for named drivers?

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Bslater 18 Mar 2009

How many years no claim bonus would my son have if he has been driving as a named driver with no convictions or claims.


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Angie_2 18 Oct 2019

Named driver for over 20 years without any claims looking for cheap car insurance

I've been driving for over 20 years as a named driver on husband's insurance and we've never claimed! I now want to insure in my name as we've separated. Can anyone recommend an insurance company as I can't seem to get anything under £350! Seems steep when been used to paying £150!

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gices 18 Oct 2019

It doesn't matter how long you've been driving without any claims if you happen to be a named driver as only the policyholder (main driver) accumulates no claims bonus (NCB) and the named driver does not get anything. It is only now that insurance companies have started to give a certain NCB to named drivers only if they were to take a policy of their own with the same company they have been insured with. This is just an attempt to retain customers and the NCB that you get as a named driver is still not the same as that for the policyholder (it is less and cannot be transferred to another insurance company).

You should contact the insurance company with which you had a policy as a named driver before and see how much discount they would give you as they will know your driving history and will therefore be able to provide you with a better quote. If that's still too much to pay, then you will have to go to a car insurance comparison site and see whether you're getting cheaper quotes there.

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susansimpson170 18 Oct 2019

Named driver no claims, does it exist?

Can you build up no claims bonus as a named driver?

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gices 18 Oct 2019

Yes, you can get named driver no claims bonus with certain companies like Direct Line. Not all car insurance companies allow named driver to earn no claims bonus and those which do will give a discount to the named driver only when the latter takes out a policy of their own with them and only them. There are two things which you need to remember with named driver discount. First you only get the discount when you as a named driver take out a policy in your name with the same insurance company with which you've earned the no claims bonus and second is that the discount that you earn is not the same as the discount that you would have earned as the policyholder (it is usually less). Therefore if you were with insurance company A and have got 2 years no claims discount with them, you cannot use the discount if you decide to go with company B. It can only be used with company A, that is, it is not transferrable.

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Pete_4 18 Oct 2019

Which company will take into account named driver clean driving record?

My wife has been a named driver on my insurance for over 13 years. I just got a drink drive ban, what insurance comps will take her 13 clean years into account when quoting her for her first insurance for a car she has owed for the last 3 years?

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gices 18 Oct 2019

Have you tried contacting your current insurance company? You are most likely to get a better deal with them. As far as named driver no claims discount is concerned, you probably know that different companies will not count the clean driving record of additional drivers on a policy. However there are some which will give you a discount but you will have to call them rather than trying to get an online quote to see how much discount they are willing to offer.

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gices 19 Mar 2009

Only a few insurance companies will give no claims bonus to named drivers, so you will have to check whether the company your son is with have this priviledge. Named drivers no claims bonus (NDNCB) is different to no claims bonus (NCB) as a policyholder. It is not equivalent to normal NCB and is just a discount available to customers who have good driving records as named drivers.

Each insurance company which provide named drivers with no claims bonus have their own way of calculating how much discount the customer is entitled to after each full year. It is usually less than a full NCB that a main driver receives. This NDNCB is also normally recognised only by the insurer who provided it in the first place, so it is not transferable to another insurance company.