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Does a named driver's accident affect main policyholder claim history?

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anon_4 07 Dec 2010

A named driver on my policy has had an accident. The claim was reported on my policy but under her name. Is this now included on my or on her accident history and what happens when she is taken off the policy as a named driver?


gices 09 Dec 2010

Well if you're the policyholder, you will lose your no claims discount if a named driver on your policy has an accident where she is at fault. The accident will be recorded under the named driver's accident history but your no claims discount will be removed/decreased.

If you had 2 years NCB, you'll end up with zero no claims and whether or not the named driver is removed from your policy afterwards, your no claims will remain the same and only increase when you rebuild the no claims.

For protected no claims bonus, your NCB will remain the same but that doesn't mean your quote won't go up because anything reported to your insurance company would go on your file and those things are taken into consideration during renewal.

Note that even if any drivers listed on the policy (main and additional drivers) reports an incident but does not make a claim, that still goes on your file and your premiums may likely increase as a result. That's why people tend to try to settle things between the two affected parties rather than go to their insurers.

anonymous_2 23 Sep 2013

I have a car insurance policy with an additional driver who had an accident. If I take out a new policy without the additional driver do I have to declare the accident? It was a fault accident.

nathancox2010 11 Oct 2019

Named driver on mums policy and had an accident and made a claim

I'm a named driver on my mums policy, I crashed and my mum made a claim. Does this mean we both have to put down we've had an accident and claimed on a new insurance policy?

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Colinhull 11 Oct 2019

Does she (mum) have to disclose it though I'm in same situation?

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gices 11 Oct 2019

If you were involved in the accident, then it will be recorded under your name and not your mother's. However it is your mum who is going to lose no claims bonus as a result. When you renew insurance, you will have to disclose the accident under your name and your mother will have to state less no claims bonus than she currently has. How much no claims she will be left with depends on how much she has now.

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denis 11 Oct 2019

Would second driver accident affect the ncb of first driver if a claim is made?

As the second driver on the policy, would it affect the ncb of the first driver if i had an accident and had to claim on the insurance? I, the second driver, have just got my licence back from a ban. Both drivers don't live in the same house. The car is on my name.

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gices 11 Oct 2019

Any claims where additional drivers are at fault will directly affect the no claims bonus of the policy holder which in your case I'm assuming is the first driver.

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Ventura 11 Oct 2019

when second driver have accident affect no claim bonus of the first driver?

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devonvalley 11 Oct 2019

our policy document- i am down as registered keeper- but husband is- i had accident help

husband additional named driver- but discovered on policy he is not down as registered keeper(although he is) but in document I am named!- I had accident is our fully valid ?

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devonvalley 11 Oct 2019

Thank you- found out car a write off- but will have to wait now for more news.

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gices 11 Oct 2019

I did not understand fully what you said above. So let's clear the confusion:

  1. On the insurance policy, who is the main driver?
  2. On the registration certificate for DVLA, who is the registered keeper?

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devonvalley 11 Oct 2019
  1. me
  2. husband

Thank you

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gices 11 Oct 2019

What's worrying you is the fact you're not the registered keeper but your husband is, right? But on your insurance documents, you've put yourself as the keeper of the vehicle. If that's the case, then the insurance company can try to make things harder with your claim because of incorrect information supplied but I doubt they are allowed to reject your claim and invalidate your insurance just for that reason.

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Colinhull 11 Oct 2019

Crashed under dads policy, does he have to say he had accident when he renews?

I was under my dads policy I crashed. I got my own insurance now, he has his own does, he have to say he had an accident? Help

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Colinhull 11 Oct 2019

Yeh but basically someone hit him and they're sayin they won't pay out because he didn't disclose the accident.

But I had the accident not hi !! How do you know this anyway, thanks for the help.

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gices 11 Oct 2019

A named driver on my policy had an accident and at that time I was insured with Churchill. When I had to renew my insurance the following year, I called them up and asked whether I should put the accident down in my name and they said NO. Since the named driver had the accident, it needs to go under his name which makes sense although I lost my no claims as a result.

What you need to do is find out whether the accident was reported under your name when you made the claim. If the accident was reported (or saved) under your dad's name, then that could be a problem as you'll have to prove that it was you who was actually driving the car at the time of the accident. Otherwise, there's no reason for them to decline the claim.

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gices 11 Oct 2019

Were you a named driver on his policy?

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Colinhull 11 Oct 2019

yes his policy i was ND i crashed now we have separate insurance. how does it affect him? will he have to disclose it even though i crashed?

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gices 11 Oct 2019

He doesn't have to disclose it on his policy but you will have to on your own (separate) policy. The consequences of adding a named driver on your policy is that if the additional driver has a fault accident, then the main driver (your dad) will lose his no claims bonus (part of it or all depending how much he's got). On his renewal letter, it will state how many years no claims he will have left and it's that number that he will need to use when looking for car insurance quotes. Does that answer your question?

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anonymous_2 08 Jul 2012

It's a long story but I am a widow & when my husband died I inherited his ncb of 9 yrs, I am a provisional licence holder. I added my friend as a named driver to my policy who had an accident today, will I lose my now 10 yrs ncb? I am with royal sun alliance insurance