Does main driver lose no claims if second driver has accident?

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gices anonymous_2
Jay_1 04 May 2009

Just need some information on insurance policy - if I am main driver and I get my brother as a 2nd driver; if he has a accident, will it affect my insurance policy/no claim bonus?

Thanks in advance

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gices 05 May 2009


If you are the main driver, then the car insurance policy will be under your name and you will be the only one who will accumulate no claims bonus. So your brother will not get any no claims at the end of the insurance cover period. If your brother has an accident, the claim will have to be made under your name as you are the policyholder. This means that you will lose any no claims bonus you have earned previously because of your brother.

Some insurance companies allow you to protect your no claims bonus for an added fee. You can look into that if you are worried about losing your no claims.

anonymous_2 23 Sep 2013

Do I have to declare a claim if second driver was responsible?

anonymous_2 23 Sep 2013

I have 2 policies 1 with my wife as a named driver the other with only me on it. Why is it when she crashed I lost both sets of no claims. I have not claimed or had an accident in over 25 years so why should I be penalised on my other policy when she is not even on it?