If policyholder is banned, are named drivers still allowed to drive?

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If the car insurance policy holder is banned because of drink driving, is another named driver on that policy still covered to drive that car as before?

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fickle Level 1

As you have been disqualified, your car insurance policy is considered null and void. So named drivers are not allowed to drive because the policy itself is invalid now.

It is in your best interest to cancel the policy and receive a refund for the months you have not used yet. You need to either look for laid up insurance if no one is going to be driving it or downgrade to fire & theft cover so that you can legally park your car on public roads.

Otherwise, any named driver on the policy should be nominated as the main driver so that they can become the policy holder. Find out how much your current insurer will be charging for this, otherwise try to get more quotes by shopping around.

funkyfi Level 1

Can i insure a car as a learner with a named driver on it.

Can i insure my hubby's car as he banned, i am a learner and does my named driver need to have the car parked at their house?

gices Level 6

It's as follows:

  • You can insure a car even if you're just a learner (as long as you've got your provisional licence) but the premiums will be quite high
  • Named drivers do not have many restrictions on them, it's the main driver/policyholder who has to be the registered keeper to keep insurers happy
  • Someone who is banned is not insured anymore because their licence has become invalid; you can certainly insure your husband's car but you may need to get the registration certificate transferred to your name

Hope that helps.

matty_1 Level 1

Can a second driver be put on named driver insurance when named driver is banned?

Putting second driver on named driver insurance when named driver is banned.

gices Level 6

Not really sure what you're asking - there's a main driver (policy holder) and additional drivers (named drivers) on a car insurance policy. Now who is this second driver?

Gypsy07 Level 1

Most people and most police officers (including traffic cops!) seem to think that a banned driver cannot be the main policyholder of a car insurance document. Having recently been banned myself I've gone through the whole rigmarole and know that that is incorrect. I have a minicab with taxi insurance and an 'any driver' policy. My insurance company said that I could continue to be the main policyholder but (obviously, d'oh) I couldn't drive the vehicle while my ban was still in force. But after a few weeks I changed the policy into a friend's name because having a banned driver as the main policyholder meant that every time the car was scanned by cop car cameras, it was flagged up as a possible banned driver. Meaning that whatever person was driving was chased, pulled over and grilled as to who they were and whether the insurance was actually valid. Despite my insurance company being perfectly happy to continue my policy with me as the named policyholder, 99% of police were insistent that that was not legal and that the car was therefore uninsured. It was just a freaking nightmare for my drivers. So the answer to your question is yes, but you really don't want to go there. Not worth the hassle...

Sally_2 Level 1

Main driver banned from driving, is named driver still insured to use car?

I've been banned for 12 months, reduced to 9 months as doing the rehab course. I've got insurance in my name as main driver & my mum down as a named driver too, can I still keep going so mum can use it drive me around.... never been banned before so not sure what to do !!!!

gices Level 6

Not really because...

...if you have received a drink driving ban, then you need to inform your insurer as your circumstances have changed since you last applied for insurance cover. If you don't do that, then you will have an invalid policy.

And when you inform your insurance company, they'll tell you a disqualified driver cannot be the policyholder. Therefore you'll need to nominate one of the named drivers to become the policy holder which basically means recalculating the premiums and issuing another insurance cover note. That will probably mean higher premiums, so I'd advise you to shop around for a new quote excluding the banned person.

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