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Can a named driver on a fully comp insurance drive another vehicle with the owner's permission

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anonymous_2 gices
richard_3 10 May 2010

I have two cars with the same insurance and both are fully comp insurance; on one insurance i have myself and another named driver, the second insurance is myself now. Like to know if the name driver can drive my car with my permission.


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gices 10 May 2010

Usually for fully comprehensive insurance, you are allowed to drive somebody's else car with the owner's permission. However you need to check whether this is included on the policy by looking at the policy documents that the insurance company sent out to you.

If you can't locate the information, it is in your best interest to call up the insurer to confirm everything before you go ahead and let the named driver use your other car.

It is also worth noting that named drivers on a policy have the same facility as the policyholder, so if you have comprehensive insurance cover as the main driver, then any named drivers will also have fully comp insurance and if you are allowed to drive other cars, then named drivers will also be able to do so.

Mind you that when driving other cars, you will be covered under third party only insurance and not comprehensive, so any damage that is caused to your car whilst the named driver is using it will not be covered.

lilplum 11 Oct 2019

Can motorist drive vehicle of another family member if he has fully comp insurance?

I hold fully comp insurance for my car with daughter as named driver. Can son also drive my car if he has fully comp insurance on his car but is not named on my insurance?

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lonewolf 11 Oct 2019

As I can remember I think he may and he will be covered as third party only.

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anonymous_2 21 Aug 2013

What are the restrictions on named drivers when driving other cars?

gices 21 Aug 2013

Not all car insurance policies allow you to drive another car with owner's permission. You will need to check the insurance policy for your car to see if you have that facility. It's normally referred to as the "Drive Other Cars" option and it basically allows you to drive another car with Third Party Only insurance cover, provided the owner of the car you will be driving has given you consent to do so.

Policyholder and named drivers will both have the same cover on the insurance policy. This means that you both have the same level of protection and if the policy says you can drive another car, then this applies to both the main driver and any additional drivers on that same policy (well unless stated otherwise). You can always ring up your insurer to ask and they will be able to tell you straight away but I'll go with what the policy says to be on the safe side.

Note that there's usually a restriction on what sort of vehicle you're allowed to drive under these circumstances. For example, if you currently drive a car with a small engine, the insurer won't cover you if get the permission of a sports' car owner to drive his car.

anonymous_2 21 Aug 2013

I am a named driver on one of my husbands 2 cars. The other car is a classic car and we have a different policy with a classic car insurance company, where we have just discovered, after being pulled over by the police, that I am not a named driver. Am I insured to drive the classic car based on the policy that I am named on?

abc_1 07 Feb 2011

I work as an independant broker and would like to advise you that you can have any level of cover (Fully comp, TPFT,TP only) and can drive anybody else's vehicle as long as you are over 25 and not in the motor trade, the vehicle you are driving is insured and you will recieve tpo (third party only) only cover.

mumbles121212 06 Jul 2011
ABC about your answer so if i am third party only and 21 then i can drive some one else's car as long as it is insured?
fickle 12 Jul 2011
The "drive another car with owner's permission" used to be all on comprehensive policies only, now you need to check whether that's included or not. They don't offer that feature on third party policies, never heard of that!
skytv23 06 Oct 2010

hi i have just been had by the police i have fully comp insurance and i too can drive other cars.The problem i have which i did not know i sold a car and picked up a new one got stopped and there was no isurance on the car the person who i bought the car from had no insurance on this car has he had brought a new one is insurance still needs to be active on the car i was picking up this i did not know because i was fully comp so to your question you can drive any vehicle but the person you are borrowing or selling mut have his insurance still active on the car.

korim 09 Sep 2010

Have you included your no claims bonus on both policies?

anonymous_2 24 May 2010

Both myself and my partner have fully comprehensive insurance, it says on both policies that we may also drive other cars with owner's permission. Can I drive her car without getting into any problems?