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Short Term Learner Driver Insurance

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The scarcity of information available to learners is the main cause for confusion and misconception that they need to get an annual car insurance policy for them to be able to practice driving. Contrary to that, there exists a short term policy from Collingwood which allows them to drive their parents' car (or anybody's car with their consent) where they are covered by a learner driver insurance policy.

Learner Driver Insurance

Poor knowledge has therefore led many learners onto the route where they struggle to find a car insurance company which will take them on board because they don't yet have a full driving licence. There are actually just a few companies which will consider these learners but the quotes are expensive due to the fact that they possess only a provisional driving licence and are thus regarded as high risks. Who wouldn't anyway?

However, many learners just want to top up their driving by doing some private practice in a car which is available to them and do not really want to get tied up to a car insurance contract for 1 whole year just for that matter. They know they need to be insured when they get behind the wheels (in case anything unfortunate happens, and it does happen without any warnings) and they want something which is flexible, an insurance cover note on a temporary basis, one which they can ditch when they are done with their learning.

Why is an annual car insurance a bad idea

With an annual policy, you are tied up for a whole year with the same insurance company. If you think for a moment that once you inform the insurer that you've passed your driving test and have a full driving licence instead of the provisional that their premiums will go down significantly, then you're undoubtedly mistaken because it will come as a big surprise to you as it is rarely the case. Those who have already signed a 12 months contract with an insurer will not be able to take advantage of shopping around for cheaper car insurance deals and they will definitely be missing out on huge savings which would have been possible with other insurers.

Therefore it is advisable to take a short term car insurance policy when all you've got is a provisional licence. And with Collingwood, you will be able to drive your parents', friends' or relatives' car without them having to worry about losing their no claims bonus if you have an accident while driving their car since that learner insurance policy will be in your name and therefore will not affect them in any way. You can choose how long you want to be insured for and can renew/cancel your policy afterwards without any hassles. So be sure to practice driving as much as you can now because you're finally getting a good deal to insure any car you want for that specific purpose of learning.

Learner Driver Insurance


My parents already have insurance on their car. Does that mean I'm insured to drive it as well? No. If you want to learn to drive in their car, you will need to be added to their car insurance policy. Some insurers will not take on provisional drivers, others might do but a temporary learner insurance is much better as it is a separate policy from your parents and should you have an accident, that would not affect the no claim bonus of your parents.

Does the policy cover me during the driving test? Yes. It covers you for your driving lessons and for the practical test as well. The cover is extended to the person who is supervising you to return the car to your home or garage after the lesson or to the driving examiner should he need to take control of the car for safety reasons.

Is the policy fully comprehensive? Yes. Since it is a fully comp policy, you can claim if the car is damaged whilst you're having lessons (eg you hit a wall) or as a result of vandalism.

Does the supervisor need to be insured too? The supervising driver needs to be 21 or over and have held a valid UK/EU driving licence for at least 3 years. He does not need to have insurance of his own though.

Does it cover all postcodes? Unfortunately no. While the majority of areas are covered, there are some postcodes which are excluded.

Can I buy insurance for just 1 day? A lot of learners want to get insured for their driving test only but this is not possible. The minimum level of cover you can get is for 7 days (1 week).

Will I get a refund if I want to cancel the policy? As soon as you pass your driving test, the policy becomes void. However there are no refunds for the short term policy (28 days or less). If you're insured for 30 days or more, then there's a cooling off period of 14 days within which you may cancel the policy and any unused premiums will be refunded back to you.

Am I allowed to have passengers in the car when I'm having driving lessons? You can have as many passengers as the car can legally carry.

Will I get any no claims bonus (NCB)? No. You will not be entitled to any no claims discount.

Check out Collingwood website for more information.

gices Published 08 Dec 2008
I'm a Software Developer and the co-founder of Clever Dodo. Born in Mauritius and now living in the UK, I usually blog about fitness, music, spirituality and driving topics to pass on my knowledge.


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gfh1937 15 Oct 2019

As a learner driver, can I get temp insurance as a named driver on my grandads car?

He is fully insured with maximun no claims bonus and a very experienced driver he has offered to take me out to gain more road sense and gain experience whilst I am having my normal driving lesson. i have given his e-mail address as he is retired, he is available most of the time.

[Migrated from previous topic 11538 dated 19 Oct 2010]

gices 15 Oct 2019

Yes, you can. However the minimum term for this type of car insurance policy is for 4 weeks. If there's anything else you would like to know, then let me know.

[Migrated from previous post 1341 dated 20 Oct 2010]

maddick 14 Oct 2019

Tesco car insurance, what car can a learner be insured on?

I can't be covered as a named driver on my dads tesco policy because the vehicle he drives is a nissan patrol 4x4' they said the truck is too big to learn in on a provisional licence. Does anyone know what car i could drive on tesco policy as a learner?  what cars will tesco cover a learner driver on. insurance second named driver

[Migrated from previous topic 11569 dated 29 Oct 2010]

gices 14 Oct 2019

There are loads of car that I think they will cover like nissan micra, fiat punto etc. Do you intend to take your dad's car to the practical test? And how long are you looking to get insured as a learner?

[Migrated from previous post 1372 dated 29 Oct 2010]

pinnington 06 Oct 2019

My son in law is a learner and is named on daughters insurance, can he drive my car?

[Migrated from previous topic 12416 dated 09 Oct 2011]

gices 06 Oct 2019

When it comes to learners, insurance becomes a really delicate thing. Some insurers allow the 'drive another car with owner's permission' on some comprehensive policies but I'd think this wouldn't stand for a learner because the risks are greater. However it is better to ask your son-in-law to contact his insurer (or your daughter to call them up as she's the policyholder I believe) to clarify on that matter but I'm inclined to think they wouldn't allow this.

If the response comes out negative, then you can try to add him onto your car insurance or even better get him a learner driver insurance policy which is short term (eg a month) so that he can practice in your car as well as your daughter.

[Migrated from previous post 1786 dated 10 Oct 2011]

garnercam 04 Oct 2019

I am a keeper of a car, my friend is the main driver and i want to insure it

I am a keeper of a car, I am a learner driver, my friend just insured the car temporarily as the main driver, can I insure THE CAR as a named driver on it so that he can teach how to drive regularly. ( he has more that 5 years experience and he is over 30 year olds) and would you give your opinion or an advice.

Thank You

[Migrated from previous topic 12765 dated 03 Jul 2017]

lenard963 04 Oct 2019

Yes no problem,I insured a car myself that way,and normaly you can have two main drivers over 25

[Migrated from previous post 2280 dated 17 Nov 2017]

anonymous_2 07 Jul 2012

My brother is learning to drive and is a named driver on my insurance policy. Can anyone take him out in this car who holds a current driving licence and is over 21, or do they have to be insured to drive that vehicle as well.

gices 23 Aug 2012

Assuming the person meets the eligibility criteria to supervise a learner, he does not necessarily need to be insured on the vehicle himself.

However, not all insurers who insure provisional drivers allow them to use the car for the driving test. It is in your brother's best interest to check whether this exclusion is written in the car insurance documents.


What happens if driver passes test after 1 day? Is there any refund due?

gices 23 Aug 2012

No, please check the FAQ.