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Does learner driver need to be insured when supervised by fully insured driver?

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KateCrocker 24 Aug 2010

Does a 17 yr old learner driver legally have to be insured when learning with a fully insured driver (not driving instructor) on the roads? The main driver is fully insured, over 21yrs and been driving for more than 3yrs.

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gices 24 Aug 2010

The learner will need to have insurance for himself. Let's say you are fully insured and you fit the criteria to supervise a learner driver; this means that you are covered but it's not you who's going to be in control of the car, it's going to be the learner. Therefore he needs to have adequate insurance cover in place (this is a legal requirement for any driver) whether you have a provisional driving licence or a full UK licence.

On a side note, the person who accompanies the learner (the supervisor) doesn't need to be insured unless he's going to drive as well.