How to pay road tax when you're not registered keeper and logbook is in someone else's name?

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I am not the registered keeper but am insured to drive my friends car. Can I tax it with my documents?

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gices Level 6

Did you receive the road tax reminder (V11) to renew the tax disc? If you have the V11 form, you can get a new tax disc provided you've got valid insurance on the vehicle and proper MOT as well. If you haven't got the V11 form, you can still renew the tax disc with the registration certificate (V5) at the post office. It might be worth getting a letter from the registered keeper if you're going to a Post Office branch though.

If you do not have the required documents to tax the vehicle, the cashiers at the post office will refuse to supply a new tax disc. If you know all the details about the vehicle and it's got valid insurance and mot, it might be easier to do it online.

Just make sure you get it sorted before your road tax runs out to stay away from trouble.

metalmojo83 Level 1

Logbook in friend's name

I'm not the registered keeper for the car I am insured to drive. It's 'on loan' until my friend passes his test. I pay my own insurance for it, but how would I go about paying tax? Would he need to go with me to the post office? The fully comprehensive insurance is in my name, the log book is in my friend's name, the car is currently staying at my address.

jason_5 Level 1

Hi, Anyone can tax a car if they have all the documentation. This can be done online where no one knows who is applying or at the Post Office.

gillybean54 Level 1

Tax running out.

My daughter has just turned 18. Her father bought her a car which is in her name on the log book. It is parked at his property on a side road at the current time but the tax is running out in a week's time. The Log book is registered at a different address at her mothers. Who is responsible for the car being there and can it be scrapped by the mother as she cannot pay. We believe the father's girlfriend has registered the car when buying it in her name. Will she be responsible for anything?

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