Not the registered keeper of the car but can I sell it

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Hi my ex partner is the reg keeper of the car i drive
she took a loan out for it in her name but

i pay the loan i have paid £3000 i have never defaulted on the payments

i pay the road tax

i pay the insurance

she now wants the car back because she is the reg keeper of the car

can i sell it without her consent

any advice would be welcomed

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WendiePitt Level 1

Selling car but my name is not in the logbook

I sold my car to my daughter's boyfriend. He has given the car back to me. Can I sell it? His name is on the logbook.

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gices Level 6

When it comes to selling something, you need to have the rights to do so by law. In your case, if things were done properly when you sold your car to your daughter's boyfriend, he would now be the legal owner of the car (provided you were the legal owner of the car to start off with). If that's the case, then you wouldn't be able to sell it until the car becomes legally yours again. You can transfer the ownership by going through a solicitor and then sell on the car.

However if you didn't make him the legal owner when you sold the car to him, it means you're still the legal owner and you should therefore have no problems in selling the car.

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anonymous_2 Level 1

Hi I sold my car and sent off my logbook on the new owner then I got the car back off him the same day, can I claim the log book back?

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scubadiver1 Level 1

Son gave me permission to sell his car, can I sign the V5 form on his behalf?

My son has gone to USA to work. He asked me to sell his car and has given me written permission to sell it for him. I have sold his car now, but I want to know if I can sign the V5 on his behalf.

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Peaches Level 3
This is a tricky situation as you will need proof that you have paid for the car even though the loan was not in your name. I would suggest you gather evidence that you paid for it and ask the DVLA for help, they should be able to help become the registered keeper, then you can sell it.
gices Level 6
If the loan is in her name, then you wouldn't be able to sell it without her signature. Do you have any proof that you are making the repayments for the loan? You see, a registered keeper does not necessarily own the car; it's similar to company cars where the person who drives the car is put down as the registered keeper but he cannot sell it as the car belongs to the company he is working for.

In your case, you need to have proof that you bought the car or you're making the payments for the loan. The problem that you will encounter is that he finance has been taken in your ex-partner's name and that in itself means she most likely owns the car, no matter who is settling the debt. But if you can show that the payments are being taken from your bank account, then you may have evidence to dispute and can get ownership of the car.
kath-han Level 1
You can't sell it without her consent as she is the registered keeper of the car and when it comes to selling it she needs to sign the logbook to say she is handing the car over to the new keeper.
gices Level 6
The registered keeper is not always the legal owner.
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