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As we approach 2010, many car drivers are worried about any rise to road tax. As you probably already know, road tax increases every year and those who have larger engines are penalised because they have to pay a lot more. Road tax charges range from £35 to £405 and you cannot avoid these charges but there are ways where you can legally be exempted from paying vehicle tax or pay the smallest fee applicable. Nowadays many people are taking the amount they need to pay for road tax into consideration before purchasing a car and as time goes on the government will keep penalising those who buy vehicles that emit a considerable amount of CO2 (carbon dioxide). You can avoid paying too much vehicle tax by seriously considering how much CO2 your vehicle emits as it not only damages the ozone layer but it can seriously affect the next generation who will live on earth.

How to avoid paying road tax legally?

The simplest thing to do is purchase a no road tax vehicle such as a hybrid car which uses a combination of fuel that turns into energy to run the car. Hybrid cars release lower CO2 than conventional cars and therefore do not contribute a lot to the green house effect.

Electric cars release virtually no CO2 so most of these are exempt from paying road tax too although they do not go as fast as conventional cars but they can come in handy while navigating through heavy traffic or doing the school run and commuting.

Most car manufacturers are giving the option to choose between different types of fuel economy - the most expensive being petrol or diesel engine and the other being a hybrid. This is the new incentive to cut down on CO2 emissions by Volkswagen.

When purchasing a new car, you may be able to get a year’s free road tax as an incentive to purchase the vehicle. If the road tax is a lot, then this may come in handy as you won’t need to worry about it until the following year but remember this is just a short term fix.

There is no reason why you should have to settle for a relatively small car when you could have a 4x4 that would cost the same as a small car in terms of road tax. Just purchase a more environmentally friendly model of the car you like (if possible) and you could make huge savings as well as help the planet.

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Hi, I was wondering if my bike is exempt from road tax fees as it is now 29 years old, please advise. Thank you.

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Are E.U.Nationals, using cars from their own country on our roads exempt? And are the same people exempt when owning U.K registerd vehicle?

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