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We've scoured the web and brought to you a selection of the most hilarious road signs from different parts of the globe. Sit back and enjoy!

elderly people cemetery

I thought it was obvious from the picture that it's about old people but to make sure everyone knows what it is about, there's another sign beneath it. The funny part of the photo is that along with the sign is the cemetery's direction for the elderly.

entrance do not enter

Okay, it's an entrance only sign but wait, it says "do not enter". So what are we supposed to do? To enter or not to enter?

sheep warning

If you see the sign above, surely you understand that there might be sheep roaming around and you need to watch out for them. But what is that man behind sheep prohibition sign all about, eh?

deer crossing australia

Sign says deer crossing but there's a picture of 2 elephants. Do the deers look like elephants in Canada?

beware of safety

So it looks like in China, people are apprehensive of safety. Not sure if it's punishable by law over there though.

cars short stay toilets

That's the problem when putting too many things on one sign. We now have a short stay toilet area for cars!

prostitute warning sign

Stay clear if you don't want to see prostitutes or is it an invitation to find them?

control your pee

This one is for people with a weak bladder. The moral of the story is not to ride your bicycle downhill on a steep hill.

dinosaur sign

That one might be just for fun unless the dinosaur are really back, lol.

do not feed pigeons

Although this sign has already warned you that you might lose a finger if you feed the pigeons, it's not really about you not being able to sue the owner but it's more to do with the fact that the pigeons might get obese and have other health problems because of the junk they are being fed with.

drunken people crossing

This area might be filled with pubs and clubs, so the need to warn drivers that people crossing might not be in their proper state of mind is a must. Drunk people do weird things sometimes, so better watch out.

extreme fire hazard no farting If you're the gassy type of person who finds it funny to break wind, be cautious as this area is dangerous for you as even a spark can cause a sudden and uncontrollable fire to start.

fence warning

Nice way of telling you they care about your safety. If you fall from the fence, animals could eat you and that can make them sick. I think we have too many animal rights!!!

frog warning

So now you need to watch out for frogs/toads jumping on the roads. What next?

headlights clouds

How many people have got flying cars these days? Must be a lot if they're reminding you to switch on your headlights when you're in clouds!

heel breaking zone Maybe they're trying to deter women from coming down this path? Or they received to many complaints from girls who've broken their heels on their uneven streets. Who knows?

less than 5 mph

Can someone tell me how you can drive at 4.5 mph? Sticking to 5mph is hard as it is.

slow children The sign seems to warn you that there may be slow children ahead.

no flashing sign I didn't have a clue what this sign was all about until someone told me that the men in black cape could mean that it's a no flashing zone.

no pets allowed

So no pets allowed, right? And all pets must be on leash? Which one is it?

no pooing in forest

Just in case you thought you could get away pooing in the forest!

pedestrian mortuary

If I had to take a wild guess, the sign says that any pedestrian walking really slow across this walk will be found in the mortuary afterwards. Therefore you should run as fast as you can.

people under construction

I've heard about cloning but have they started to make people in laboratories now? Nah, if we omit the word "under" from the notice, it would make more sense, right? "Drive slowly people, construction ahead".

rhayader direction

Which direction to Rhayader? Left or right? The one on the right seems to be a shortcut, I'll take that one, thanks.

road closed rocks

If only there wasn't this road closed sign, I would have driven closer to get a better view of the scenery.

road kill before after

That's what happens when you drive over wildlife and it become a roadkill!

road signs overload

Did you find the sign you were looking for? And who said too many signs can be confusing?

roundabout confusion

That must surely be a joke. Imagine finding one of these at a busy roundabout.

sign not in use

Good to know this sign is not in use. What was the sign about anyway? Such a waste...

slippery people

And this is why using Google to auto translate is not always reliable. This French to English translation now looks absurd. What's slippery people?

slow children playing

On top of suggesting there are slow children playing here, what's with the speed limit of 14?

sorcerer sign

Looks like a wizard at first sign but on closer look, it's a sorcerer forbidding you to go through. I'd do a U turn if I were you unless you haven't watched Jeepers Creepers.

thief operating sign

My guess is that it's a warning sign for thieves, so do not leave your valuables inside the car, otherwise the thief hand will find its way to steal your things.

upside down reading

Turn your head upside down and you'll be able to read the sign. Don't if you're driving though.

wrong no right turn

Someone got their left and right mixed up. Back to primary school!

wrong way go back

If you're seeing this sign, it might be too late.

Tell us what you think! If you have a favourite road sign from the above photos or have something else to say, please leave a comment below.

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I'd just like to say that the 3rd picture is of a man and a sheep (not a cow!) but very funny all the same haha.

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