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Convicted of dangerous driving and now need to get back on the road, how to get licence back?

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Simone 07 Mar 2010

Hi, my dad was convicted of dangerous driving and was wanting to know if he had to re-sit his whole driving test again after ban has been lifted or does he just have to re-apply for his licence back. kind regards mrs obee


Driver SOS (UK)

Helping with car insurance, driving bans, learning to drive and other motoring issues

Driver SOS (UK)

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MichaelMulgrew 18 Oct 2019

2 year driving ban and 150 hours community service for dangerous driving

I recently got banned for 2 years for dangerous driving and got 150 hours community service as well, never got any points or any fines. I got banned from 13/5/10, how soon can I get my licence back, all this because I failed to obey a red light in glasgow town centre and struck another car.... please help me :) Michael Mulgrew

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gices 18 Oct 2019

For driving bans of 2 years or less, you will have to serve the full ban so there's really no chance of getting your driving licence any earlier than when your disqualification is removed. Sometimes you can get some months of your driving ban knock off by attending courses related to your motoring offence. For example there's the alcohol awareness course or speed awareness course, have you been referred onto any course at all?

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platten1982 14 Oct 2019

Overtaking on a bend over solid white lines and charged with dangerous driving

I lost my licence 6 months ago for dangerous driving by overtaking on a bend, over solid white lines and got reported by a bin lorry by my number plate only. I got one year ban, a fine and 100 hours community service unable to get a job my marriage is affected. How can i get my licence back early?

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PaulKendrick 14 Oct 2019

Ban for death by dangerous driving licence return

Is it possible to have your licence back on a five year ban. I was sentenced in jan 2007 to four and a half years in prison for death by dangerous driving of which I had to do two and a quarter years (WHICH I HAVE NOW DONE ). I also received a five year driving ban with a resit driving test . I have now done two years and seven months of this driving ban. Because of my work which is a self-employed gas safe registered ( corgi ) heating and plumbing engineer, I would like to know if this is possible because of the length of time and the re-test of driving licence.

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gices 14 Oct 2019


Normally for a driving disqualification of 5 years, you would be able to re-apply for your licence after two and a half years. However if you have been ordered to resit the driving test, then you will need to serve the full length of the ban. Note that requesting your licence earlier results in you making an appeal to the court which sentenced you and you will need to bear court fees as well as solicitors etc. When your 5 year driving ban ends, you will need to apply for a provisional licence, sit the theory test and pass an extended driving test instead of the standard one that learners do. Once all these are completed, then you will get your licence back.

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gices 12 Apr 2010

Sometimes you have to resit the driving test and sometimes you don't, it depends what the magistrate has ordered at the time of sentencing. Usually you get a letter telling you that you have to re-apply for your provisional licence and pass the driving test when your disqualification is over if you want to drive again. If your dad hasn't received that letter or wants to be double sure what the judge has ordered, you can ask him to contact the court where he was sentenced and they will be able to tell him whether he needs to retake his driving test or not.