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How do I get my car back from ex?

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Lacyf 18 May 2009
I purchased a car through finance which I am still making payments on. My ex was named as the vehicle keeper. He refuses to return the car to me. As I understand the law, I am the owner as the finance is in my name. How can I get the car back?


Lacyf 31 Aug 2009

Ask for the car back, in writting by recorded delivery. Give him an reasonable time to return the car (eg 2 weeks) at which time you can report the car stolen as I had too. The police will get involved once they know you have done everything in your power. If he refuses to return the car, the police see it as he is intentionally depriving you the use of your vehicle.

gices 28 Aug 2009


Paying by card will certainly help but you need to have the contract in your name as well to have a valid claim.

Gill_1 16 Jun 2009

I have the same situation, but I took out a personal loan, not car finance and he had the log book, I paid on my card in the dealers, do I have any claim on the car?

gices 19 May 2009


If you are sure that you are the legal owner and you've got proof of the car finance, then things will be simpler for you. As a registered keeper, your ex only has to maintain the vehicle. So everything to do with road tax, insurance and motoring offences will be sent to him.

However he doesn't own the car but you do. So you will have to get in touch with a solicitor to get things moving. The solicitor will take you through what needs to be done but essentially he will serve him a letter to begin with and if that does not work, then a small claims court procedure will follow.