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Sell ex-partner's car without her permission

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PatrickMann 02 Jan 2011

Me and my ex partner have split up, we have been apart for three months, her car still sits on my drive, can I sell the car on without her permission?


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roruna 14 Oct 2019

My son's ex took out a loan for his car (registered in his name).She asked him to sign the car over to her for sale.Who pays excess owed?

This is really a question about who is liable for any money still owed to the finance company after the sale of the car? My son has offered to take over payments for the car but it is her request that the car be signed over to her -she also wants him to pay any money still owed to the lender, which I think is wrong. Surely this is her decision and her responsibility especially since she has turned down his offer?!

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gices 14 Oct 2019

If the loan was taken out in the ex's name, then she's the one liable for repayments. It looks like the car actually belongs to the ex from what you said because your son is only the registered keeper and not the actual owner. He does not have rights of sale on the car and if he takes over the payments for the car and settles the finance, he won't become the legal owner.

You son doesn't have any proof that he purchased the car right? It's the ex who has it, in terms of the finance for the car being in her name, right?

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roruna 14 Oct 2019

Thanks gices. Much appreciated

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Roxi 14 Oct 2019

My ex partner sold a car which is registered in my name and signed the VC5, is this fraud ?

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gices 14 Oct 2019

Definitely, if the car is registered in your name, then only you should be allowed to sign the VC5 form, not anyone else. Here are some questions that come to mind though:

  • Are you the legal owner of the car too? Do you have a bill of sale to act of proof of purchase?
  • Does your name appear on the previous VC5 document?
  • How long ago was this transaction made?
  • Are you looking to get the car back?

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gices 02 Jan 2011

You cannot sell something that does not belong to you in the first place. If having her car sitting in your drive bothers you, you should probably speak to her and tell her to move it. If she doesn't do anything about it, you can get it removed from your drive as she will be parking her car without your consent.

anonymous_2 08 Apr 2013

My ex-partner and I split.We have a child,and a car! The finance is in my name,the car registered to her.....

I will finish paying for the car this month. Can she sell it/pex it without my consent? I mean, she has an asset now worth around £3-4k?Any advice appreciated.Thanks