Car log book and hp is in my name but ex wife won't return car, can I sell it?

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mmitson 24 Feb 2011

My car log book and hp is in my name but my ex wife won't return car. If I sell it, can the new owner contact the police? The police have said it's a civil matter, but my solicitor has said if I sell the car, then the new owner can contact the police saying my ex won't let him have possession.

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alysia1971 21 Mar 2011

I am fairly sure your solicitor would not have said that, firstly the assets of the marriage would have to be determined first and the car despite being in your name would be under the assets of the marriage and would be divvied up. Your ex wife has as much right to the car as you do, so you need to come to an agreement about who keeps what etc. If you cant sort it out amicably you need to use the mediation services at your local court. your solicitor should be sacked for telling you to sell the car and then the new owner get in touch with the police, the police will see it as a civil matter and stay clear. so thats a no go as well. Unfortunately for you, your pretty much stuffed, on the plus side she cant sell the car either, so unless you get this sorted, she will keep the car and you will be the proud owner of a log book.

anonymous_2 02 Aug 2013

who pays the hp On the car that is being used by the ex-wife who won't return it?