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Can I get my licence back early following a driving ban?

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Jonathan_1 17 Nov 2008

I was banned for 3 years in 2007 for the offence in 2005 which was dangerous driving and drink driving. I completed a drink driving program and have not been in trouble from 2005. I am now also in full time employment for the past 7 months and I also now have a son. I have done 19 months of my ban and was wondering whether I would be able to get my ban revoked now as am over half way threw my ban.


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JimBurns 11 Oct 2019

Getting licence back early after 4 year ban

What is the best way of getting licence back after 4 year ban for drink driving?

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gices 11 Oct 2019

How far are you into the ban (as in when did your ban start)?

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Windsor 11 Oct 2019

You must prove 12 months of being alcohol free. Through regular medical tests for your liver function. You must not even have alcohol based mouthwash as this will register. There is no way around it. If you can prove 12 months without any drink, you can apply early. Be warned that at the end of the ban the new law applies. If your GP says to the DVLA medical that you drink at all, the DVLA can add a further 12 months to your ban, if you cannot prove you have abstained from alcohol. The court ordered my licence back early after not drinking for 6 months, but DVLA added a further 9 Months to the ban, ignoring the court. Hope this helps! Ian

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weeleon81 11 Oct 2019

I got a 4 year ban for drug driving, but the dvla put it down as drink driving.. my lawyer told me that you can get your license back after 3 years providing you have not commited anymore traffic/driving offences in that time, and would have to have a medical just before, to prove no drugs in system, so I wont drink or anthing for a month before.. but i live in Scotland and scots law is different from England so don't know if this would apply, this was my 2nd ban, my 1st was for 1year

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anonymous_2 11 Oct 2019

9 months it started in august 2012 and I've completed a DIDs course

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AndyPandy 06 Oct 2019

Is it true you can have your licence earlier without serving the whole ban term?

I have read that it is possible to get your licence back early after a period of disqualification. I am currently over 2 years of a 3 year ban.

I have read that if a person is required to resit the driving test then they have to serve the full length of the disqualification period and cannot reapply to have the licence back early.

I searched the Section 42 of The Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988 but did not see any mention of the above.

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gices 06 Oct 2019

Refer to section 42 (3), that is, third paragraph in this link.

That's the legislation and it says that you can only apply after you've served 2 years of your ban if you were sentenced for less than 4 years.

When you have been ordered to retake your test, the court will most likely reject your application to have your licence before the ban is over.

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RICHARD_2 04 Jul 2009

I have been banned 3 times for drink driving. I'm currently on my 3rd ban which was for 3 years. I've completed 18 months. I am running a family business and my parents are not well enough to look after the business by themselves and we are facing severe financial dificulties. Is there any way of being able to get my licence back now (in court I was not given the option to do the course to reduce the ban but I have done it previously).

gices 28 Aug 2009


You can always contact the court after 2 years and see if they are willing to return your driving licence earlier. Have a read through the article on getting licence early after a ban to understand how to proceed.

nige017 25 Sep 2012

i got banned in 2010 for no insurance for 17 months it doesnt end till feb2013 can i get my license back early. i no a few people who have got theres back for worse offence than mine

gices 18 Nov 2008


Since you've been banned for 3 years, you can apply to the court which sentenced you in the first place to get your licence back after 2 years. You've already done 19 months so you need to wait 5 more months before you can apply. Make sure you tell the court that you've completed the drink driving rehabilitation course and send them the supported documents. It is however at the discretion of the court to remove your driving ban.

Check this article for more info.

anonymous_2 02 Aug 2013

hi got convicted of death by careless driving got 300 hours community service 4 year ban and resit test can i claim licence back since done 2 year