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GarryColley 01 Feb 2010

I received a 12 month ban and was offered a drink drive rehabilitation course for an early revoke on the ban. However stupidly, I was caught driving whilst banned and therefore was given a further year added to this ban. I am now at a point where I am working and have a family of 3 children and another on the way very shortly. Due to the kind of job I am doing, I am either going to be laid off or promoted to supervisor. I cannot stay in my current position as there is no need for me. Unfortunately I will not be able to take the supervisors role unless I am able to drive as the job entails travelling. If I cannot get back my license early and accept this job offer, I am afraid my family will suffer as I will not be able to support them. I want to know if anyone knows if I would be able to get back my license early due to these circumstances or if there is any course I can do to shorten the ban? Please help!


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AlanColvan 02 Nov 2019

Can I reduce my 12 month ban for no insurance?

I was banned for driving with no insurance, can I have my 12 month ban reduced?

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gices 02 Nov 2019


Unfortunately for driving bans less than 2 years, you will have to serve the whole ban. It's only when the driving disqualification is over two years that you are able to request your licence a bit earlier depending on the length of the actual ban.

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gices 02 Feb 2010


Usually your licence is not going to be returned for job purposes. However your circumstances will be taken into consideration and a decision made on that although driving while banned was not a clever idea in the first place. You can try to appeal to the court where you were sentenced and see if they are willing to return your licence. Bear in mind that there may be costs involved, so it's better to ask about any fees before you get yourself into the driving ban appeal procedure.