Drink driving ban, do I need to resit the test?

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I was recently banned from driving for 15 months for drink driving. I have been driving for less than 2 years, although at court the judge agreed I could do the Vernon Manson training course and get my licence back after 12 so does that mean I won't have to re-sit an extended test?

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bian Level 1

I got a 12 month ban, how long is it till you have to resit your test?

Name brian william rucki, you have got an application of mine. Can you tell me whether or not I am entitled to my license back or is my 10 years up?

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gices Level 6

If I understand what you wrote correctly, you sent an application form of some kind. Most likely you sent it to DVLA and here at fancyAcar we do not deal with any sort of applications; we're here to give you information (lots of it actually) to guide you with your problems. If you received a 12 month ban, you should be able to start driving when the ban ends (that is after 1 year) unless the judge who sentenced you specified that you should resit your driving test before being allowed to drive again.

If you're in doubt, please contact the DVLA and they should be able to tell you whether or not a retake of the driving test is required.

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scott_2 Level 1

Doing drink drive medical test, will I also need to sit the extended driving test?

How do I know if I've got to do the extended test? I have just received a letter from the dvla asking to pay 90 pound for a licence renewal and a further 96 for a medical. I'm confident I will pass the medical but will I get my licence? Getting my licence back after a drink driving ban.

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Mick_4 Level 1

The court that banned you should of told you at the time. If you phone the DVLA they will be able to tell you if you need do the extended test.

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gices Level 6


The drink driving rehabilitation course knocks off upto a quarter of your driving ban. This means you can get your licence after the said period (12 months). However if the judge said you need to resit your driving test, then the drink drive course will not exempt you from that. You will have to re-sit your test if the judge ordered you to do so. You can contact the court where you were sentenced to find out more about your driving disqualification and whether you'll need to redo the driving test.

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