Do I have to take my test again after a driving ban?

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Kyle 10 Jun 2008
My ban is completed next month and I have completed the medical. How or when will I find out if I have to resit my test or not? I cant remember for the life of me if the judge said I would have to or not, so just waiting to see if they are gonna send me a green or pink licence. Any ideas? thanks

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gices 17 Jun 2008


It is rather difficult to tell whether you will have to resit your driving test again after getting banned because it actually depends on the circumstances. If the convicting court thinks you might need to take another test to get your license back, then you will have to do it. In your case, I think it is best if you ring the DVLA and ask them whether you will have to resit and they will be able to tell you as it would be noted in their records. I wouldn't worry too much about it if you haven't had a letter confirming the retate yet as it seems to me you wouldn't need one.