Do I need to resit my test or do any courses after my drink driving ban?

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I was banned for drink driving for 3 years and am going to apply back for my license after 2. Will I need to resit my test or do any courses?

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anonymous_2 Level 1

No my son never, he had his for 9 month's he was 75cl over the limit he got banned for 18month's had to pay £200 fine and £175 to go on the drink drive awareness course, which takes a 3rd of your sentence, but now he has 8 weeks to go before he gets his licence back and we are getting quotes of £10,000 on a 100 fiesta.

philiss2kn10 Level 1

There were several people on my drink drivers course that had been breathalised at over 2.5 times the legal limit and they were specifically ordered by the magistrates to resit their tests. There were also others that were still classed as high risk re-offenders even after the DD course. They also had to re-take their tests. This also usually applies if you are banned for a second/third time. However my test came in at 61 and I was just given 12 months ban with the DD course reducing it to 9. I also had quite a hefty £1000 fine.

gices Level 6

You wouldn't need to resit your test unless the court ordered you to do so. The same applies for courses although most courses are at the discretion of the magistrate and sometimes you get to decide whether to take part in the courses or not. For drink driving, there's usually the drink drive rehab course and it's upto judge to refer you to this course or not.

On a final note, there's no guarantee of getting back your licence after 2 years through the appeal process and most of the time you would need to have a valid reason for requesting your licence before your ban has expired.

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