Banned in the first 2 months of passing my driving test, do I need to resit the test?

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gices Marianne_Carty
leondagezza 27 May 2010

Hello there, I got banned in my 1st 2 months of passing my test. I got 2 years ban and I have completed my drink driving course and am off my ban in 2 months. So do I have to retake my test or not? Need to find out if I need a medical as well I was 103 of breathe, feel so ashamed of myself.


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anonymous_2 04 Dec 2010

I got caught driving without a licence and no insurance, but had my test the week after and passed, then went to court a week after and got banned. Will I have to resit my test or will I be able to just reapply for my full uk licence?

Marianne_Carty 27 Mar 2013

help! I have driven for many years- all legally and in accordance with my provisional. I then passed my test first time. After about 22 months of having my proper drivers licence, I had an incident that caused me to become a "totter". I explained to the courts that I was pregnant at the time and had been extremely upset at not having felt my baby move for over two days and that i feel these were the circumstances that led to my otherwise excellent driving record to become tarnished. Is there any advice for me in my situation? I am a very competent driver and as i am currently unemployed, i seriously need my licence back and hope to achieve this without paying extortionate prices on insurance. I would even do community service or prison time in order to be able to put that horrific day behind me. (PS I was not under influence of alcohol)

DAITWICE 04 Nov 2010

I got done for drink driving 4 months after my test. Why should it be anymore of a crime when you're 17 than when your 50! It is nothing to do with your driving just the decision you make at the time - while drunk.

anonymous_2 27 Sep 2010

convicted of drink driving just 2 months after passing your test! I wouldn't EVER give you your licence back I bet you wear a baseball cap too don't ya

anonymous_2 14 Aug 2010

If you are drink driving, then you should'nt be allowed to drive at ALL.

anonymous_2 12 Aug 2010

My daughter got banned from driving 1 year after passing her test for 16 months. She has just got her licence back from dvla, and does NOT have to re sit her theory or driving test. I do not understand how someone can get 6 pts and would have to re-sit their theory and driving test but someone who gets banned just gets given their full licence back.

anonymous_2 03 Aug 2010

Sound I don't have to re sit my test!

anonymous_2 27 Jul 2010

It depends if the courthouse order you to retake your test because a ban is only a suspension of your licence - it is the dvla who can revoke your licence and they only normally do this if there are court orders and/or penalty points that exceed 6 over ther first two years of driving.

gices 02 Jun 2010

If you receive 6 or more points within the first 2 years of passing your driving test, then you will have to resit both the theory and practical test as specified by the New Drivers Act.

Once your ban is over, you can apply for a provisional licence and you will start as a learner again. When you pass the driving test, you will be issued with a full driving licence but the points from your provisional (points from your previous licence will be endorsed on the provisional) will be carried over to the new licence.

Note that when you have retaken your test and passed, you will no longer be subjected to the New Drivers Act and won't be on probation for 2 years anymore. However if you accumulate 12 points or more within 3 years, your licence will be revoked again.