Can I retake my drink drive medical test after failing?

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Keith_2 10 Feb 2009

I was banned from driving in 1999 christmas time for 24 months. In 2004 I went for my drink drive medical and was also drug tested but failed due to smoking cannabis. I now wish to get my licence back, can I do my medical again after all this time?


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Exwelly 14 Oct 2019

I lost my licence 11 years ago. Now back in the UK and have my medical on 12/9/11. I do drink and have done for the past 11 years.

Not heavily but socially. I am so scared I will fail. Has anyone passed recently or does anyone know if I can appeal if I fail. It has been 11 years after all!!

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gices 14 Oct 2019

You have the right to appeal if you fail the DVLA medical and you will be sent a notice in that regard.

The medical test is done to find out evidence of alcohol abuse. Now that's something which varies from person to person and although you might be drinking small amounts, it is difficult to guess how that's affected your liver.

There are some good suggestions on this thread, have a read through it as it might help you and let us know how your test went; only 4 more days to go right? Good luck!

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Exwelly 14 Oct 2019

Thanks for the reply. I have done so much internet research on the medical, I believe that is what has made me go into panic mode! I'm hoping 6 weddings, getting engaged and a 2 week holiday this year won't jeopardise my chances of passing!! I will keep you posted. Fingers crossed for Monday.

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gices 14 Oct 2019

Hi Exwelly,

Just wanted to know how things went on Monday for your medical. Hopefully you have some good news :)

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Exwelly 14 Oct 2019

I do have some good news, my driving licence arrived in the post today!!

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gices 14 Oct 2019

Congratulations Exwelly. Seems like you've done very well for yourself :)

So have you had your first drive yet?

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davethemanfromdave 31 Mar 2010

I have just failed due to smoking weed! So yes you fail. The best crack is I got done for drink driving. Never ever been a drinker, why do i fail for weed? When i have to give liver samples, the system is inadequate. Needs changing. It makes criminals.

anonymous_2 24 Sep 2012

totaly agree.ive got my fourth medical test came threw fine.but coz i said id last had a joint 3 months earlier.own admittence they screwed me.

Kelly_1 05 Mar 2010

i was banned for drink driving and now need a they automaticly test for drugs as i smoke cannabis

gices 10 Feb 2009

If you were banned for two years in 1999, you could have got your licence in 2001. Why did you wait till 2004 to apply for it? Also, it was not a wise move to smoke cannabis prior to your medical test if you were serious about getting your licence back.

You should apply to the DVLA to get your licence back. They will then let you know when you can re-take the medical test if they think you need to do one. You may find it useful to follow these greats tip before going for your DVLA medical.