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How long to get results for drink drive medical?

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Jason_3 06 Apr 2009


I have to have a drink drive medical and my ban is up in july 09 but I can apply to dvla on the 15th april 09 for my medical. Can someone please tell me after I apply to dvla, how long does it take to get your medical details through, and how long after the medical does it take to get your results?



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gices 18 Apr 2009

When you go for your medical test in April this year, you should get your results within two weeks. If however you do not get the results, then it is best to wait another two weeks just in case things are busy at the DVLA. After a month if you do not hear from them, then you will need to contact them to chase up your results.

Sometimes there may be a problem with the medical test which can slow things down a bit but most people receive their results within two weeks.
bryan 10 Oct 2019

DVLA is allowing me to drive until medical result come back, can they stop me from driving afterwards?

My driving ban was up feb 2011 have just been for medical and have received letter from DVLA allowing me to drive until medical results are through i know i will pass as haven't had a drink for over a year as I'm on antibuse can they hold my licence back?

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anonymous_2 04 Oct 2019

After been banned for Drink Driving. I had to see a local DVLA medical officer and give blood and be examined, i paid £100 for this. I waited TEN MONTHS for a response. I was issued a one year driving licence which will be reviewed on a yearly basis.

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colshell 04 Oct 2019

After having bloods taken at my doctors how long does it take for the DVLA to send back my licence if I have passed the medical?

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kelvinsteventon 04 Oct 2019

I had my test 2 weeks ago for dvla medical, is it good or bad news...

Went on 11th of September, still no results, does anyone know how long it takes for them to get back to you ?

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