How long does a drink driving ban stay on your licence?

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GeoKerr 09 Jul 2009

How long foes a DD Ban stay on your license?


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gices 09 Jul 2009

Drink driving convictions stay on your licence for 11 years. After the 11 year period, it can be removed. The drink driving ban will only affect your car insurance quote for 5 years from the date you received the ban though. This is because insurers normally ask you to list any motoring convictions for the last 5 years. So after year 5, you don't need to list the DR10 conviction when looking for car insurance.

saj 16 Nov 2010

hi i am a bit confused if anyone can help, if you been done for drink driving the second time and you go for a medical, does canabis have an effect on getting your licence back?

anonymous_2 30 Jan 2011

Is there any course you can do to get off drink driving early?

gices 09 Jul 2012

There's the drink driving rehabilitation course which knocks off up to one quarter of your ban.

traceyc28 14 Mar 2011

Here's an idea .....dont drink & drive in the first place then you won't have to worry about how long it takes to come off!! And saj you definitely shoudn't be allowed your license back EVER! been done for drink driving twice already and smoking cannabis! how would you feel if you killed someone whilst driving pissed or stoned!! give your head a shake!

floyd2 20 Jul 2010

I was banned for drink driving in 2004, i failed a medical to get my license back, can i apply for my license?