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How long should I stay away from alcohol prior to drink driving medical test?

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BryanDowns 03 Nov 2008
I was banned from driving 4 years ago for being 4 times over the legal limit and since this happenned, I only drink on special occasions and it's my 25th birthday on the 8th of November and I've got the drink driving ban medical on the 25th of November? Would this affect my test results?


qwerty13 07 Jul 2010

OMG I'm worrying about it! This is a joke, ain't sleeping I have 10 days till mine and I went out monday nite and got very drunk!!! They can't surely expect us to not drink at all.... that's insane, everyone like a drink!!! gosh man!!! stressing!!!! kaylee

anonymous_2 23 Sep 2013

I had my dvla medical 3 weeks ago and got my licence back no problem
I have a drink (only light beer) every night and only stopped drinking 1 night before the test.
I think they are after the hardcore drinkers that are on a bottle of vodka a day.
I have to admit though I was worried they would not give me the licence back. It was a vey tense 3 weeks waiting! Now I have to face the sky high insurance quotes I'm getting!!!

Lisa_2 15 Jul 2009

I had recently had a LFT and it came back perfectly fine, I am due to have a DVLA medical in 2 days and have not had a drink for 10 days, will I pass this?

anonymous_2 23 Sep 2013

I'm a heavy drinker 2 weeks before I had my medical I just used to eat lots of fruit grapefruits oranges and lots of blueberrys drink 3 litres of volvic water a day and take 2 milk thistle tablets a day, you can buy them from tesco for £3.50 take multi vitimins as well .3 weeks after my medical my licence came in the post...

Sid 09 Mar 2009

Hi, I have soon to take my dvla medical after my drink driving ban. Does anyone know how strict they are on liver damage? I still drink time to time but nowhere as near as much as I did before. So, does anyone know how damaged the liver can be to still regain a licence?

gices 04 Nov 2008


You will have a little more than 2 weeks before your drink driving medical test after your birthday. I've heard people who have refrained from alcohol consumption 3 weeks prior to their medical test fail their liver function test. You are so close to getting back your licence and it would be a shame to take such a risk after waiting for 4 years.

Therefore it is best if you abstain from drinking on your birthday to give you the best chances of passing the drink drive medical test. You later celebrate both your birthday and getting back your licence - bearing in mind not to drink drive though!

anonymous_2 23 Sep 2013

I don't drink (often at all) so never realized the consequencs when I got drunk after a blazing row with wife. I was stopped and breathalised and then banned.

I never touched a drop for 14 months but had about 6 light cocktails at my partners 40th last night. I understood the gamma levels only rise after chronic alcohol consumption so despite having my medical in a week I drank the equivalent of 7 pints.

I don't drink much or do drugs but am still concerned just this one time may put me in trouble.

Am I right to worry or is the gamma only raised after prolonged use in which case 7 pints (equiv) in one go a week before the test is ok (nothing i can do about it now anyway).