Passing the DVLA medical CDT blood test

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petrolhead 02 Feb 2018

I am a bit of binge drinker. So I have drunk about 4 units of drambuie tonight and on 25th Jan I drank 2 bottles of wine and two small glasses of drambuie. Prior to that i drank a bottle of wine over 11/12th Jan and then i drank a bottle of champagne on NYE. I am hopeless should I still go ahead and have the blood test on Monday or cancel. This would be the 2n time I cancelled as I do not want fail but am struggling.


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sylvester33 04 Oct 2019

Milk thistle and green tea

Having my blood tests done on Friday from dvla medical. Haven't drank for 12 days taking milk thistle and green tea. Prior to that a bottle of wine per week the odd time maybe 2 a week.. was worried if I will pass...

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shesastar 04 Oct 2019

did you pass medical?

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Gaz 04 Oct 2019

Provisional licence after DUY

I have applied for a provisional licence. I haven't had one for 15 years. I now have to go for a medical.i haven't had a drink now for 18 months and not planing to drink in the future. I have no health issues. So why a medical. It was drink driving what got me a ban not a health issue

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kaileighbrown 04 Oct 2019

Do they test for cannabis too?

How long should I not drink for in order to pass the medical? Do they test for cannabis too? I need my license back and can't risk failing it so any information or advice would be great? Thanks so much

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kirst21t 04 Oct 2019

Why do I have to have another DVLA medical after 12 month temporary license?

I don't understand.

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kirst21t 04 Oct 2019

Maybe I wasn't clear. I passed my medical 12 months ago, but the DVLA only issued me with a short term license. I now have to go through it all again, even though I passed last time. Is this normal?

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debs198000 04 Oct 2019

Lost licence due to a seizure

Hi can anyone help me My friend was addicted to tramadol & suffered a seizure which resulted in losing his driving license then his job. He went in to depression & began to drink for about 2yrs & lost everything. Anyway he has came out of all that about 14mths ago & is working etc and applied for his license back. He had his medical today & he said the doctor took blood and kept talking about being alcohol dependant which he is not. He had a few pints on sat nite for the footie & is stressing now that he will fail as he had no idea that it would be about alcohol. I think this is unfair as he lost his license due to a seizure which was caused by tramadol not alcohol. Can anyone give us any advice as he is so stressed about it today. Many thanks

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