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Supervised urine sample for DVLA medical test, will someone watch me pee?

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stevieturnbull 13 Jan 2015

Hi I have to go for my medical and do a urine sample and it says that I have to do it when being watched? Is that right or wrong? Or do you go to the toilet in private to do your sample? I was told that it was against your human rights for you to do a sample in front of the doctor if you don't want to and can go to the toilet in private? Please can anyone help?

It's just that I was tampered with when I was a wee boy and i can't even use a public toilets with out LOCKING the door And don't think that i can undress and be watched having a pee in front of a stranger after what i have been through.

If anyone has been for a supervised urine sample can you please let me know if you can go and do it in private?

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gices 14 Jan 2015

I don't think you need to do this right in front of the doctor. You'll probably be asked to empty your pockets or similar procedures to ensure you're not passing someone's else urine sample as your own. Then you'll be asked to provide a urine sample in a private area whilst the doctor is waiting for you outside.

They cannot force you to do this in front of someone, it's against your rights.