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How to prepare for the DVLA medical exam for high risk offenders

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emsfun 05 Jun 2014

Could you please tell me what a medical exam for high risk offenders entails? Is it just a blood test or is it urine and blood? Also what do they test for in the blood? I really need my licence for my disabled child and don't want to muck this up. Could you give me as much info as possible please?


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Helping with car insurance, driving bans, learning to drive and other motoring issues

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gices 05 Jun 2014

You will need to give a sample of blood and sometimes they ask for urine specimen as well. There's an interview with the GP and a physical examination too.

There are some good suggestions in this post, so read them carefully and hopefully you're going to find something which can help you.

Beller2017 04 Oct 2019

THC and Class A substance

How long does it take for THC and Class A substance to get out of your blood system? Have medical coming up, how long do you wait for your appointment with dvla doctor?

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biglee 04 Oct 2019

Class A 3 to 5 day and THC 30 to 90 days depends on potency and usage

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andrewmccutcheon 04 Oct 2019

Banned for alcohol misuse

Ok I've not been banned for drink driving!

I was banned for alcohol misuse I've never drunk and drove!

Do you know if I need a medical as I don't come under the high risk offenders?

If I do any pointers how to pass?

Milk thistle I've read and testosterone.

I've been drinking through my ban and I'm worried.

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Dangermouse 04 Oct 2019

Is there a time limit for being a high risk offender?

I was banned from driving after refusing a breath test whilst riding a moped on a provisional license. This occurred some 25 years ago. I have not driven a car or motorcycle/moped since and have still not learned to drive.

I recently reapplied for my provisional license and have been told I have to take the 'High risk offender' medical - after 25 years! The conviction is clearly now 'Spent'.

Do I really have to go through the expense and delay of a DVLA medical after 25 years or is there a time limit we are not told about?

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