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Will DVLA contact me for the drink drive medical test?

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Jayson 04 Sep 2009

I have been done for drink driving and was told I need to pass a medical before I can get my licence back. My ban is over in Nov 2009, will the dvla contact me for this or do I have to contact them?

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gices 08 Sep 2009

It looks like you driving disqualification was more than 56 days which would mean that you will need to make a formal request to the DVLA to get your licence back. This would be in the form of a letter addressed to DVLA along with the appropriate application form (D1) filled in by you. Upon receipt of these, the DVLA will get in touch with you and will tell you whether you need to have this medical test done before returning your licence back to you. Arrangements for the drink drive medical test will be made by the DVLA though and your GP will be informed as well.