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Appeal against failing the drink drive medical test

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Mark_1 22 Jan 2009
I have my DVLA medical coming up next month after a 3 year ban (reduced by a quarter after attending an approved course) which is due to end on 14th May. I have been a heavy drinker all my adult life, and am now 41. I am worried my past record will affect my LFT. I have now been completely dry for over 3 weeks and have at least 4 more before the test. I am concerned, still that I may fail the test. If I do, is there any appeal procedure?

Cheers, Mark.

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gices 22 Jan 2009


Your test results for the drink drive medical test will be sent to DVLA. However there are no internal appeals procedure at the DVLA should they decide to refuse returning your licence to you. You can however appeal at a magistrates court at your own costs and will need resonable grounds for appealing against the decision of the DVLA. You can have a Liver Function Test done privately and if the outcome is positive use that as evidence that you are clear (or have been cleared) of alcohol for a while. You may wish to discuss this with a solicitor specialising in drink driving before you go to the courts though.

You can find more information on licence restoration at the DVLA website.