What do they test for when going for the DVLA medical

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Tom_1 28 May 2008

My ban was reduced to 9 months and I need to have a medical, what will it consist of and what will they test me for?


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gices 02 Jun 2008

The DVLA drink driving medical test consists of the following:

  • A blood test
  • A medical interview with the doctor
  • A physical examination
  • A urine test

A blood sample will be used for Liver Function Tests and an abnormal result would indicate liver disorders.

The purpose of the medical interview is to find out whether you are a heavy drinker or not, so expect questions on your frequency of alcohol consumptions and the like.

For the physical examination, it will be the routine checks like prodding your abdomen, weighing you etc.

The urine test will only test for diabetes.

Hope this clears things regarding the driving ban for you.

davo 14 Oct 2019

How long do I have to stop drinking before I do my liver function test?

I am a 39 year old male.

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thunder 14 Oct 2019

i would say at least two months the liver does repair its self with help from you i had to do it for my hgv

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Alison_Gibson 05 Oct 2019

I would like to know if the pills that I have been on for yrs will affect my liver & stop me getting my licence back, im on Codydromol.

others are Diclofenac & Gabapentin. Thank you

Alison Gibson.

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lee_7 05 Oct 2019

i've been taking co-dydromol 30/500 for 2yrs from a slap tear shoulder. i have not herd of a revoked licence from taking the said drug.liver damage im not sure of how it would effect your licence.do take it easy with the pills codeine is addictive as for diclofenac it's just as bad as ibuprofen witch i stopped taking.

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gices 05 Oct 2019

It's difficult to tell because co-dydromol can cause liver damage when taken in high quantities and since you've been on those pills for years now, they could have indeed have an effect on your liver.

However your GP would know that you've been prescribed those medicines for health reasons and when doing the DVLA medical (which is what I think you're question is all about), this would be taken into consideration so that you have a fair diagnosis.

If you think your results was unfair or biased, you can always appeal. When is your medical test due?

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Actionman 21 Oct 2010

Don't drink anything for 1 month, exercise 3-4 times a week for an hour each time take Milk Thistle tablets daily and you'll be ok i was a heavy drinker 2 bottles of wine a day or 1 bottle of wine and 4 cans of special brew. I did the medical and passed.

stevie6 11 Oct 2010

i had one about 3 years ago at durham,really all the doctor done was take my blood and blood presure,he did not even check my eye sight it cost 90 english pounds,dont have anything to drink for a week before just to make sure,but dont worry about it you will be in and out before you no it goodluck steve...

cambtone 13 Jun 2010

To really be sure that your liver function tests are normal, you should not drink any alcohol for about two months before the test. Yes, it really can take that long for the liver function tests to drop!

anonymous_2 13 Jun 2010

To really be sure that your liver function tests are normal, you should not drink any alcohol for about two months before the test. Yes, it really can take that long for the liver function tests to drop!

JohnPatel 23 Mar 2010

Then you're doomed! And you gonna wait 6 months for another test... and maybe stop drinking at least a week before taking test and drink water instead :)

Angie_1 28 May 2009

Will the doctor who does the medical exam I need to get my licence back contact my own GP.

Thank you for your help

gices 28 Aug 2009

Yes they will contact your GP to have an idea of your medical history and alcohol abuse.

Duane 16 May 2009

What happens if it comes back as I am a heavy drinker?