How long should I wait before requesting driving licence after my ban has expired?

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JohnKennedy 18 Jan 2010

I was banned from driving for a year - my ban has recently elapsed though. Is there a set time limit on how long I have to apply for my licence again? Someone mentioned that if I don't apply within a year of my ban being up, I will need to sit my driving test again. Is this true?


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jason_5 18 Oct 2019

My ban is up and I have sat my medical and passed so why do I still not have my licence?

My ban is up and i have sat my medical and passed so why do I still not have my licence? And how can the DVLA get away with giving me the run around?

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gices 18 Oct 2019

It takes a few weeks (3-6 I think) before they send the licence back to you. The medical test result comes from a different department and DVLA needs to process the results first. If it has been more than 3-6 weeks, then you should contact them to see what's happening with your licence.

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jason_5 18 Oct 2019

We have did this and they are saying that I passed my medical and that they sent my details to leeds for the traffic licencing to deal with as I used to be in the army. They then put a further 1 Month ban on to find out that they had no right to do so. They then passed my licence to the traffic licencing in Edinburgh who are stating that they have not received it yet; one says they have, the next says they haven't. No one will decide if I am and when I am getting my licence back except that the DVLA are stating that they don't have any problems with me. CONFUSING ISN'T IT

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sorrel 18 Oct 2019

I have completed my driving ban, how do I get my licence back now?

I have completed the duration of my ban, how do i get my full licence back. My ban was in the first year of driving, do i need to retake my test? Do i need to fill out any forms and where would i obtain these?

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gices 18 Oct 2019

You just need to fill out a D1 form (it's the application form for a new licence) which is available from the Post Office (you can request it by calling DVLA as well). Fill out the form, enclose the correct fee and send it to DVLA and they will send your licence back.

You will need to retake your driving test if the judge which sentenced you asked that you resit your test. If you're not sure whether you need to retake the test, you can always contact DVLA and ask them.

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gices 02 Feb 2010


When your driving ban is over, you can fill out the application form for a new licence and send it to the DVLA with the appropriate fee to get your licence back. There's no such time limit as such but you will not be able to drive until you get your driving licence reinstated. Therefore it is advisable to request it sooner rather than latter as you never know when you will need to drive and having the licence back will come in real handy.