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Removing Expired Endorsements From Your Licence

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If ever your licence is endorsed with points for a driving conviction, you are still able to drive unless they disqualify you or you exceed the current total of 12 penalty points. Each conviction will have a time period of when it will expire. You can apply to have the expired endorsements removed from your licence afterwards.

##Do I really need to have expired endorsements removed from my licence?

You don't have to have them removed but if you get pulled over for anything it may be used against you and you may have a fine to pay because of this. If you had an endorsement-free licence, then you could play the innocent card and pretend that you are a law abiding citizen. However if you have expired points on a licence, you will not have a way to blag yourself and will have to put up with a fine or further points.

How to have expired endorsements removed from drivers licence

When your endorsements have expired, all you need to do is contact the DVLA and pay £20 to have any expired endorsements removed from your licence. You will then receive a new licence that has no record of any previous convictions stated on it. Just because they have expired doesn't mean they are not on record, so if you ever hire a car and are asked if you have or have previously been convicted then you must reply yes. Of course most places take your word and will not check up on it but if you do state yes, then they will most definitely run a search on you.

Expired endorsements on paper licence

If you still hold a paper licence and have expired endorsements on it, you may want to exchange it for the new photo card licence. You will need to pay £20 for a new licence and £20 to have the endorsements taken off. So for £40 you can have a fresh new photo card licence that have no endorsements on it. Sounds very expensive so here's a tip. If you want to have your endorsements taken off, a cheat is to send it off to the DVLA with the correct fee and a change of address like a friend or family member. You will then receive a brand new photo card licence without the expired endorsements; therefore you save £20 legitimately. No one has ever been questioned so far about this method and it really does work.

gices Published 28 Jun 2010
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anonymous_2 07 Jul 2012

Hi, can anybody tell me if my insurance will go down when my points come off my licence and I got done for drink driving in 2004 when dui points stayed on your licence for 7 yrs but in 2007 it changed to 11 years so will my points come off after the 7 yrs or have i got another 4 years to wait?? thanks

Fleckers 12 Jul 2010

Does anyone know how I find the total of all my old points and fines, I need to provide this to my boss, he wants to know all past points and fines regardless of how long ago. thanks Stuart