Getting a driving instructor job after drink driving ban

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I was banned over 3 years ago for 9 months for drink driving. I am trying to get a driving job. I was told you don't have to declare the ban after 3 years, is this true? I have no points, would this mean I have a clean license?

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philiss2kn10 Level 1

A conviction for drink driving results in an immediate expulsion from driving and therefore puts no individual points on your licence but your licence still isn't classed as clean as you have a conviction on there. During my drink driver's rehabilitation course they advised me that it would remain on my licence for 10 years after the start of my ban, however, in most cases, after 5 years you do not need to declare it. But some insurance companies have it in small print in their contracts that even spent convictions must be declared or in the event of any incident / payout the policy will be null and void so be careful with that one. Not sure how this translates to becoming a driving instructor but I am lead to believe you must wait 5 years from the start date of your ban.

anonymous_2 Level 1

I was banned from driving in march 2010 for 18months,,when can i apply to enter onto the adi register

gices Level 6


On the application form for becoming a driving instructor, they ask you for previous convictions during the last 4 years (not 3 years!). Note that even if you don't have any points on your licence, any fixed penalty offences will still be taken into consideration when considering your application. If you have been convicted for drink driving, the endorsement will stay on your licence 11 years from the date of conviction which makes me wonder why you don't have any points on your licence when the conviction was just over 3 years ago?

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