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Driving instructor not doing a good job

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gices Mark_Walsh-Driving-Instructor
Akbarshoulizadeh 01 Oct 2010

I want to complain behalf of my wife to her instructor

  1. First she don't respect to her during lessons.
  2. She charged her more than she ask.
  3. After 150 lesson when my wife had exam she fail because of simple question how you check your brake and how you check your tyre and she did not know.
  4. And now after 200 lesson for fifth time exam, she is fail again.

Please help me. thank you.


your wife did not fail due to answering those questions incorrectly. (answering both questions wrong only gets one driver error on the test, not a fail)
there will have been other reason/s for the fail, whilst 150-200 lessons is a lot, if this is what she needs (as some do)then thats what it takes.

gices 02 Oct 2010

150 lessons, that's a lot! Is that a private driving instructor or does she work for a driving school. Your first point of contact should be the driving instructor/school, so this is where your complaint should be directed to. If you're not satisfied with the response you get from them, then you can take it further by making an official complaint to the DSA.