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Driving Instructor and Learner Confidentiality

Alice_1 27 May 2009

I'm just wondering if there is anything about instructor/learner confidentiality because my instructor Nick Hanson openly talks about other students and has often said to other students that the student(s) in question will crash as soon as they pass their test and things like that, which myself and other students feel is not appropriate at all?

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gices 28 May 2009


There are no set rules for driving instructor/learner confidentiality as such (compared to patient/doctor relationship) but a good driving instructor should keep each learner's weaknesses and strengths to himself really. An instructor can use examples where mistakes have been committed by learner drivers he's teaching (or has taught in the past) to illustrate a point but without naming the student in question.

As I always say, if you have doubts about your instructor's ability to teach (whether it's professional or just social), it is best to change to another one who has been recommended by somebody reliable.