Driving instructor answering phone calls during lessons

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Katherine_2 02 Aug 2010

I enrolled at delano driving school in california. The fee was 240 dollars, for 6 hour lesson. My problem is that everytime she comes and picks me up for my driving lesson, she's mostly late. And I barely got the hours back from her for teaching me to drive. And while I am driving, her phone is always ringing, and she's always taking a call, so I didn't know whether to turn or not, because I am waiting for her instructions for where to go. Mostly her calls take about 20 minutes or more. And I know I paid cash for her time to teach me how to drive, so it's not right that she'll be taking calls on the time I paid for, she should just let her calls go to voicemail. And she told me I was ready to take my driving test, but I failed miserably. I knew I still needed to work on my parking and backing up, but she said I was fine. I addressed those issues with her, that I needed to work on my parking and backing up. I could have rescheduled my appointment at the dmv, but it's too late I failed. It's not cheap paying $240.


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snegz 13 Aug 2010

6 hour lesson is that it and you expected to pass lol

gices 03 Aug 2010

Not only this is wrong but it can also lead to an accident because the instructor is supposed to intervene if you're about to make a mistake. That's why we have dual controls so that the instructor can step in but how can someone who's not even focusing on the roads intervene if part or all her attention is on the conversion she's having on her mobile?

The obvious thing to do is dump her as your driving instructor and find someone reliable and who knows how to teach a learner properly. You can also try to ask for your money back (at least of what you paid) and make a complaint to the DMV if that's possible. I'm not really sure how things work in the US but I'd assume there's some kind of institution/body which governs the rules that driving instructors/schools must abide to and you could take your complaint to them so that other learners know which instructors to avoid.