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Instructor says I'm not ready for the test after 44 driving lessons with him

anonymous_2 02 Aug 2013

I booked my practical test but my driving instructor said that I cannot take the test in his car, all this after 44 lessons with him and another 13 lessons with another instructor 2 years previously. According to my instructor I'm not ready yet he wants me to do manoeuvres instead to improve my driving skills but I think the only reason why he denied me to take my test is that he want to have more money from me, because I have paid him in cash.

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fickle 13 Aug 2013

If he owes you money, then it will be difficult to get it back so the best thing to do is keep getting lessons from him until you're even. Otherwise find another driving instructor who will give you a more honest opinion about whether you're ready to take the plunge or not.


it might be worth while you organising a mock test with another instructor to see if you are at a level to take,and pass your test, that way you will know if your current instructor is being honest with you