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Driving instructor not turning up for my test

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JamesWilliams 12 Jan 2009
My driving instructor never turned up for my test, what do I do? I booked him before Christmas for my driving test and on the test day I phoned him and he said he couldn't do it as he was in Oxford. He turned round and said I should have reminded him but he wrote it down in his book so why should I? He's providing a service for us. What should I do now as I have lost my test fee and a day in wages.

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gices 15 Jan 2009


This shows how unprofessional and unreliable your driving instructor is. You shouldn't have to remind your instructor to come pick you up for a test, he should know. You should probably go with another instructor, someone who has been recommended to you preferably and lodge a complaint against your current driving instructor so that future learners do not make the same mistake you did, that is, trust him. However I don't think you will be able to get your test fee refunded to be quite honest. But it's always worth trying.