Instructor will not refund test fees for unusable car

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Lesley_2 11 Nov 2008
Hi - my daughter just went for her test and the driving instructor's car wouldn't start. The examiner wouldn't let her continue as he said the car could be a danger. She paid for an hour lesson before the test then paid the hour cost for the use of her instructor's car plus the cost of the driving test. Her driving instructor has not given her back her money for the loan of his car for the test and said she has to foot the bill for the new test? Is this right? Surely it's his duty to pay for the retest. Would very much welcome your comments.



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anonymous_2 30 Apr 2013

That's an absolute disgrace. You should publicly humiliate this instructor. I loaned my car to a PDI for his test. My car mechanically broke down which could not be helped. It was serviced and maintained but I still paid for his retest as it was my car and I felt responsible. Doing the right thing is more important that money and people who take advantage for greed are not fit as humans.

gices 11 Nov 2008

I know it must be very frustrating for both you and your daughter but there is no set law in the UK to say that a driving instructor must refund the driving test fees if his/her car is deemed unusable for the test. The Driving Standards Agency states that the car to be driven for the test must be fit for that purpose and the examiner can cancel the test if the car does not meet up the requirements set out.

However it is upto the driving instructor to re-imburse the fees. Some will do it out of good faith and to maintain a good reputation while others don't usually care. If your daughter had gone with a driving school, like BSM, you would have been able to make an official complaint to the driving school and possibly get your money back. But with private driving instructors, it ain't easy and not really worth the hassle.

I'd suggest you talk to the DSA (the line for booking the driving test) and explain the situation to them. Ask them to re-schedule the test as it wasn't your daughter's fault.