Can I take driving test in my own private car?

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TerryCrone 06 Jan 2009

I'm planning to sit the driving test in my own car (Landrover Freelander). Are there any requirements/restrictions for the vehicle that you can use for the test?


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Marilyn 06 Oct 2019

Son to take car in my car without using driving instructor

I would like my son to take his test in my car, without using an instuctor? Can we do this?

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you will also need to make sure the car is insured for the purposes of the test (tell your insurance)dont forget L plates on the front and rear of the car

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jillyg 06 Oct 2019

Yes, my step daughter used my car to take her test, she just had to supply an additional rear view mirror for the examiner.

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anonymous_2 08 Jul 2012

I have an old car of N reg. I am worried that I might not be able to take the practical driving test in it as I have not booked any instructor car. But I have taken many lessons from instructor. Because the instructor charge 90 pound for test day so I want to take the practical test in my own car as I have got the insurance for learner on my car. thanks

gices 09 Sep 2009

If you want to use your own private car for the driving test, then you may do so. There are however a few vehicles which cannot be used for the driving test for safety reasons. You will find a list of affected vehicles here and you should make sure that your car is in good working condition as well before you take it for the test (tax, insurance, mot etc). Remember that a smaller car may be better to do manoeuvres and it is really important that you feel comfortable and not nervous in the car that you'll be sitting your test in to increase the chances of you passing.