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How to insure car for just the day of when I have the driving test

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sianfinch19 02 Jul 2010

I have a provisional licence and have my driving test on the 16th July. I have a Fiat Seicento and want to insure it for one day so I can drive around in it before my test. How can I do this and how much will it be? Please write back as soon as possible. How much, who to call and how soon?


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Helping with car insurance, driving bans, learning to drive and other motoring issues

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gices 03 Jul 2010

You cannot get car insurance for just 1 day whilst being a provisional driver. The minimum cover that you'll get is for 4 weeks.

Most people ask if they can get insurance on their actual driving test but you surprised me by asking for a policy to cover you 1 day before your test. Are you not learning to drive with an instructor? If yes, then why not get 1 last driving lesson with him? If you're learning privately (with parents, family or friends), then you obviously must be insured? Can you explain your situation a bit more?

Otherwise check provisional insurance for learners as that may be more appropriate for you.

Barbara_1 18 Oct 2019

Car insurance for practical test

I'm 18 years old and I have held my provisional driving licence held for 1 year. What should I do to find a cheap car insurance because I need it on the day when I'll have my practical test?

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gices 18 Oct 2019

It doesn't matter how long you've held your provisional licence because it doesn't make a different when it comes to car insurance. A full driving licence is what makes the difference.

With just a provisional licence, you cannot get car insurance for 1 day. The minimum length of cover that is available to you is for 4 weeks.

Your best bet is to take driving lessons with an approved instructor and take his car for the practical test. If you want to take your own car, then you'll either have to take four weeks worth of provisional learner insurance or get your own car insurance policy (an annual contract with your provisional licence) which will provide adequate insurance cover for you.

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Pran_1 18 Oct 2019

Insurance for driving test

I have a fully comprehensive insurance for my car. I have been told I need another insurance for my driving test (just in case the instructor needs to drive). Is that accurate? If so, do you provide such insurance? Please let me know

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gices 18 Oct 2019

I've never heard of that before to be honest. If you've got comprehensive insurance, you're already insured to drive your car during the practical test. If for any reason during the driving test, the examiner thinks you're going to put other road users at risk, then he will ask you to pull over and take over. He will take the car back to the driving test centre. At that point somebody else who is insured on your car can drive you home (or people who are allowed to drive other vehicles under their car insurance policy can do that as well).

Is your driving instructor an approved one? And are you taking him with you for your practical test?

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pran_2 18 Oct 2019

Sorry when I said instructor, I meant examiner. I've been told that I need an insurance that allows the examiner to drive just in case it's required. Is that true? I am going for the driving test in my car as I'm allowed to drive on my international licence (as I've been in the UK less than a year) and I have comprehensive insurance on my international license. Sorry I should have worded my question better the first time around. Any advice? :)

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gices 18 Oct 2019

Okay this is what will happen if the driving examiner thinks you're driving in an unsafe manner - you will be asked to pull over but the examiner won't be able to drive your car back to the test centre (correction from what I said before). Since the examiner is not insured on your car, he cannot drive your car. Therefore from wherever you have stop, he will walk back to the test centre and either inform your driving instructor or someone else to tell where you are. You can also walk back with him and later get somebody else to pick up the car.

Remember that this will only happen in case you are considered to be a really unsafe driver and the chances of that happening are very slim if you have had enough driving practice. You cannot get insurance for the driving examiner to drive your car because you don't even know who your examiner will be (you need a name to add him on your policy) and nobody does that anyway. Like I said before, if there's any problem, both of you can walk back.

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anonymous_2 18 Oct 2019

I need insurance for one day as my daughter has to do her test and the instructors car has broken down.

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mrsnature 27 Jul 2010

Joanne2010: Surely you're going to need the insurance after your test too?

Joanne2010 11 Jul 2010

I'd like to do the same. I'm practising with my driving instructors car and have just brought my own car as my test is coming up soon. I would ideally like to get some more practice in with my own car before my test. Is there an insurance company that will allow me to do this, even if it's for 4 weeks? Already done 60 hours practice and it's getting expensive