Just passed my driving test and looking for cheap cars with low insurance

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I have just passed my driving test and need to buy a car now. I am unsure on what to buy. I want something that is low in insurance. Could you please help me in telling me what are the cheaps cars to get for lowish insurance. Im 25yr and female. Thanks

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MartinDinnen Level 1

Fiat punto insurance

My mum and dad have had a fiat punto for about 5 years. Their insurance company is with diamond. I passed my test 3 months ago and was put on the insurance last week. I have completed a pass plus course and the total for the insurance for all 3 of us is £700. I think that's awesome! They have a merc as well so I pretty much get the fiat for myself :)

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gices Level 6

First of all, congratulations on passing your driving test. It is quite an achievement when you get to have your full uk driving licence. The deal you've got from Diamond is pretty good to be honest, hence I'm curious to know your age because normally you don't really get cheap car insurance for new drivers. I suppose you've been added as a named driver on your parents' policy by the looks of it. Just remember that as a named driver, you shouldn't be using the car more often than the main driver because Diamond can say you were fronting if you ever make a claim. Well good luck with the driving and be safe.

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Hayley_3 Level 1

Convertible that are low on insurance

Hi, I passed my text 10 months ago and i'm looking for a new car, I have a budget of around 5 grand and like the thought of a convertible ( vauxhall tigras peugeot 206 ) however i do not like the ford ka's. Can anyone suggest a car that is reasonable low on insurance? I am currently paying 1300 insurance on my ford fiesta so around the same price on insurance please Thanks Hayley

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anonymous_2 Level 1

Nissan Micra C+C Daihatsu Copen Fiat 500C

These are probably best bets for modern cars. You might be better off going for a retro classic, as a specialist broker, like Adrian Flux, is likely to have some good rates for these.

Mk1 Golf MGB Classic Mini or Beetle

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johnlee13 Level 1

Can registered keeper insure the car in somebody else's name and become a named driver instead?

I have bought a new car, the insurance quotes I have received are really expensive. My mum's partner has suggested I take out the insurance in his name and put myself down as a named driver as he has 7 years no claims. Is this legal?

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gices Level 6

This is a typical example of fronting on car insurance - putting an experienced driver (having considerable no claims bonus) as the main driver to bring the premiums down. It is illegal and insurers have become very strict about this now. If you go down this route, you'll find that your car insurance policy will be void when you make a claim.

There is no law to say that the policyholder should be the registered keeper. However you will find it really difficult to get car insurance if the policy holder/main driver is not the actual registered keeper. There are only a handful of companies which will accept that and they're changing the rules as well.

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ChrisRees Level 1

1st car with cheap insurance

I'm learning to drive and would like advice on my 1st car what car would be advisory, and not that expensive with insurance.

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gices Level 6


As a first car, it is recommended that you go for one with a small engine (0.98-1.2) and which falls into a lower insurance group (1-4) so that you don't end up paying a lot to insure. We've compiled a list of cheapest cars to insure for new drivers like yourself, so be sure to check them out.

If you still can't decide, then the Fiat Punto or Vauxhall Corsa are great cars to start off with and many have recommended them as a 1st car.

Let me know which one you decide to buy in the end.

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Beth Level 1

Buying and insuring a cheap car

My 1975 escort is being rebuilt for months and on SORN so I am looking to buy an old, cheap car, the cheapest to insure and run while it is up the garage. I just want the cheapest run around for a few months. What do you recommend?

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Peaches Level 3

You haven't really provided much information for me to advise you. It all depends on what you mean by cheap as your age, driving history, years licence held and budget are unknown. You could get a cheap Ford Focus for £800 and pay more in car insurance if you are a young driver etc but as for insurance goes I'm sure you have heard of short term car insurance. It might be worth it as you can have a flexible contract if you are unsure when your car will be ready. As for a cheap car there are loads but it all depends on how much you want to spend, you can get really old cars such as the old Nissan Micra for under £500 but remember that it has no power steering but it is economical and the reliability factor is very good. You could even get an old Toyota they are also very reliable but then again it depends on your budget. You could speak to a mechanic as he would be able to advise you on the best 'old' car to get for temporary use.

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gices Level 6

Have you had a look at the cheap cars to insure for just passed drivers? These cars fall in the low insurance group category which means the car insurance premiums will be cheapest for you.

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