Low car insurance for 18 year old who had a fault accident

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My son has been driving for 9 months, bought a car and has had an accident and written off his car (his fault). We are looking for another car but want to know whether to get a newer car (52 +) or an older car because of the insurance as we want to keep it as low as possible. He had an X reg fiesta before.

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That's really unfortunate because car insurance for eighteen year olds with a clean driving do not come cheap and having a fault accident makes it even worse. Okay, first things first, a car that falls within the 1-5 insurance group is what you're going to be after because a smaller engine will mean more affordable premiums for him. I'd say to go on autotrader and have a look at a couple of cars that you like on there and use the car details on a car insurance comparison site to check how much he's likely to pay in premiums. If you can't get the registration number of the car, you'll have to get as much details as you can regarding make/model etc to get an accurate quote. The reason you need to do this before you actually purchase the car is that different cars will give you different quotes based on your son's circumstances (driving experience, no claims bonus, where car is kept at night etc).

By doing this, you will be able to find the cheapest quote for your 18 year old son. If the quotes are still not affordable, then it might be worth making him a named driver instead of policyholder for a while. However it's important to join a company which will allocate a certain no claim discount to him when he decides to be a policyholder again, albeit, he's going to have to stay with the same company because the NCB won't be recognised by other insurers but in my opinion this is better than starting back at square one. Remember if he does decide to go on this path, he cannot used the car all too often as a named driver as that would count as fronting.

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